Thursday, June 8, 2017

Friday, June 9. 2017

Today's schedule is C-D-AG-Flex

C Block Social Studies 11 - You'll be working on your "Cold War Flash points" activity where you'll analyze the following four conflicts through a W5H approach: Korean War, Vietnam War, Suez Crisis, and the Cuban Missile Crisis. NOTE: W5H = Who (countries & people) was involved; What happened during the conflict; When did the conflict take place; Where did the conflict break out and spread to; Why did the conflict occur; and How was Canada involved and affected by the conflict.

If you need help check out:
Cold War Museum
Cold War Leaders and Events
Canadian Encyclopedia Cold War
BBC History The Cold War
BC Open Textbook chapter Canada in the Cold War

D Block Introduction to Psychology 11 -We'll head to the library to work on:
  1. Week 8 package (mental illnesses and the DSM-V)
  2. Psychology  Inquiry project
  3. psyblog or psych journal
Don't forget that the online textbooks are Introduction to Psychology and Psychology

Flex - I'm in 611 to help with Crime Scene Reconstruction projects (due Monday), Civil Litigation projects (due two weeks from yesterday), or Psychology Inquiry Projects (due a week from Wednesday)