Monday, January 9, 2017

Tuesday, January 10. 2017

Today's schedule is  C-D-A-B

C & B Blocks Social Studies 11 - Today we'll continue our look at the Holocaust in World War Two. The United States Holocaust Memorial/Museum has a very good website dedicated to teaching the public about the Holocaust and we'll use it to help us understand.  I'll show you two sections of the movie Schindler's List. The first section we'll watch is the liquidation of the ghetto in Krakow by the Nazi Einsatzgruppen. The second section we'll watch is when a group of women are taken to Auschwitz-Birkenau. Hopefully we'll have some time to talk about the sections afterwards. Tomorrow, we'll talk about the end of the war in Europe (Ortona, D-Day and the liberation of the Netherlands) and switch our focus to the Pacific where we'll look at the Manhattan Project and the use of nuclear weapons in Japan (Hiroshima and Nagasaki). This takes us to V-J Day and the end of World War Two.

D Block Crime, Media and Society 12 -  Today we start our week long look at Russell Williams. Canada hasn't seen a case that has drawn so much media attention since Robert William Pickton or Paul Bernardo. The case received coverage in Canada (both "Above Suspicion" and "The Confession" from The Fifth Estate on CBC and "Fall From Grace" shown on Global's 16 X 9) and in the United States as well ("Name, Rank & Serial Killer" on CBS 48 Hours, "Conduct Unbecoming" on NBC Dateline). Today we'll start by looking at the case in detail and then we'll watch "Above Suspicion".

There are lots of places to find information on the case but a good place to start is the accompanying website to the CBC documentary "Above Suspicion". By the way the documentary was originally aired on September 24th, 2010 which was three weeks before Russell Williams plead guilty to all charges in the matters against him.

A Block Geography 12 - Today is a crucial day in Geography 12. First in order to help with yesterday's question about human cultures and parasitic/symbiotic relationships we'll watch Dr. Sam Ohu Gon III, speaking as Senior Scientist and Cultural Advisor to The Nature Conservancy of Hawaii

After, we will be discussing biogeochemical cycles - specifically the carbon and nitrogen cycles. We'll see what Tim and Moby have to tell us about the carbon and nitrogen cycles. We will also be discussing the flow of energy through an ecosystem (trophic layers and food webs).

It is very important that you review systems and feedback from week 1 of the course. For a great on-line text resource check out the Human Ecology textbook by Gerry Marten.

For more on cycles in ecosystems check out:
Biogeochemical Cycles at Windows to the Universe
Biogeochemical Cycles at Geography 4 Kids
Biogeochemical Cycles in Michael Ritter's on line "The Physical Environment" text
Energy Flow through Ecosystems in Michael Ritter's on line "The Physical Environment" text
Trophic Pyramids and Food Webs at Physical Geography
Food Chains and Food Webs
Build a Food Web "Chain Reaction" game
McGraw Hill BC Grade 7 Science textbook animation on PCB's and Bioaccumulation

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