Sunday, January 8, 2017

Monday, January 9. 2017

Today's schedule is A-B-C-D

A Block Geography 12 -Today we shift our focus to look at ecosystem components. We'll identify what an ecosystem is (along with its abiotic and biotic components) and understand what a community is. We'll see what Tim and Moby have to tell us about ecosystems and then you'll need to work on questions 1, 4, 6, and 8 from page 661 of your Geosystems textbook. For help on ecosystems check out:
"The Concept of the Ecosystem"
Ecosystem Fundamentals
Ecological Systems
Province of BC: Plants, animals and ecosystems
BC Species and Ecosystems Explorer

Inspiring Girls Expeditions are open to girls aged 16 and 17 on June 1, 2017. Most expeditions are open to girls all over the world and don't require any specific skills, just a willingness to learn and explore and to do some physical tasks. Each year Inspiring Girls Expeditions selects expedition teams of 8-9 teenage girls and 3 instructors to spend 12 days exploring and learning about glaciers and the alpine or marine environment. Through scientific field studies with professional glaciologists, ecologists, artists, and mountaineers, you will build critical thinking skills, gain self-confidence, and make lasting friendships. One team explores Mount Baker, an ice-covered volcano in the North Cascades of Washington State. Another team sleeps under the midnight sun while exploring an Alaskan glacier. The third team explores the connections between glacier and ocean by kayak in Resurrection Bay, near Seward, AK.  If you are interested please find out more at Inspiring Girl Expeditions

B & C Blocks Social Studies 11 -Today we'll take some time to talk about the Holocaust during the Second World War in Europe. We'll talk about the Wannsee Conference in January 1942, after which the Nazis began the systematic deportation of Jews from all over Europe to six extermination camps established in former Polish territory -- Chelmno, Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka, Auschwitz-Birkenau, and Majdanek. The United States Holocaust Memorial/Museum has a very good website dedicated to teaching the public about the Holocaust and we'll use it to help us understand. After this, I'll give you the rest of the class to work on your propaganda poster that you began on Wednesday last week...remember what you put on your poster has to be relevant to Canada (Encourage men to enlist; Pressure women to encourage their husbands, brothers and boyfriends to enlist; Encourage women to help out at home e.g. conserving food, buying victory bonds; Encourage children to help the war effort e.g. purchasing war stamps; Persecution / suspicion of enemy aliens; Encouraging pacifism; Glamorizing the Canadian war heroes; or just plain Demonizing Japan, Germany or Italy). Your poster is due in two days.

D Block Crime, Media and Society 12 - Today we're back in the library working on two things:
  1. Work on the Casey Anthony thread question about the media's reporting of crime, celebrity and the value of social media Is social media good or bad for criminal trials (Casey Anthony, George Zimmerman, Jodi Arias)?
  2. Begin work on the individual media monitoring assignment
White Collar Brandan Lebrun
Dexter - Candice Klettke
The Killing - Daarien Kunz
How to Get Away with Murder - Kelsey Kryzanowski
Criminal Minds - Aysha Stewart
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit - Talisha Alfred
Orange is the New Black - Rowan Harris
River - Brianna Knapman
The Fall - Luke Raymond
Dateline NBC - Olivea Griffiths
Sherlock - Sara Zhang
Making a Murderer - Madeline McNamee and Kyle Wenmann
Fast and Furious 1-7 - Amanda Taylor
Global BC News Hour - Tannis Pigeon
Law & Order: SVU - Heather Todd
X Files - Madolyn McCormick
For the Casey Anthony/Jodi Arias trial question consider the following highly sensationalist HLN review...
 as opposed to the CNN review...

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