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Monday, April 18. 2016

Today's schedule is A-AG-B-C-D

A Block Introduction to Law 9/10 -  Today we are in the library for our last project of the year...your Fairy Tale Criminal Code Case Study. Remember, you are a court reporter at a criminal trial involving a fairy tale. Your job during the case is to accurately report the case to your readers. Your story will summarize the events leading to the trial (the story), what the person is being charged with, who testified and to what for the Crown, who testified and to what for the defense including what was the basis for their defense, and finally what the judge’s decision was and why.

Required items:
  1. Summary of the facts – Summarize the fairy tale that you are using.
  2. Crown’s case – Lawyer’s opening statement which includes what the defendant is being charged with (Use the criminal code and/or your textbook to find the offence and record the Section and the number), what penalty they are asking for, and who testified (Minimum of three (3) witnesses including the victim assuming they are alive) along with testimony of each witness.
  3. Defense’s case – Lawyer’s opening statement including what is his/her client’s defense will be and who will be testifying (Minimum of three (3) witnesses including the defendant) along with the Testimony of each witness
  4. The judge's decision - Is the defendant guilty as charged? guilty of a lesser offense? or not guilty at all? What sentence will be given if necessary (the Criminal Code outlines minimum and maximum sentences)? Give the reasons for the decision made, why did the judge make the decision that they did?

AG - Today from 10:00-10:45 we have an extended AG for grades 8-11. Grade 12 students will head to the gym for a grad assembly and grades 8-11 students will hang out in room 611 and work on course selection for next year.

B Block Social Studies 10 - Today with Mr. Elliott...

C Block Law 12 - Today with Mr. Elliott...

D Block Social Studies 10 - Today we are going to continue our editorial cartoon work. Your cartoons are due Wednesday in class so it would be wise to spend today's class time in a productive and useful other words get it done. I have the library booked if you'd like to use Toondoo or Cartoon Playground or readwritethink or writecomics or makebeliefscomix to do some research.
For images of Confederation related politicians and people look at Library and Archives Canada Canadian Confederation People and for cartoons  check out Canadian Confederation Political Cartoons. You should also look at the McCord Museum's on line exhibit "The birth and torment of Miss Canada and Johnny Canuck, or the beginnings of the federation"

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