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Monday, March 23. 2015

Today's schedule is A-AG-B-C-D

B Block Social Studies 11 - A quick reminder that your WWI projects are due TOMORROW (Tuesday, March 24th) at the beginning of Block B. If you do not have your zine to hand in, you will be writing an additional quiz with Mr. Young during Tuesday's class. Ms. T. will be available in Room 611 today (Monday) at lunch if you have any final questions about your project.
In today's class, we'll be wrapping up our WWI unit with a look at the Christmas Truce. Why do we fight? Was WWI necessary? Was it "good" for Canada/the world? Next, we'll start looking at what soldiers faced upon returning to Canada after the war. We'll watch part of the "Canada A People's History: Ordeal by Fire" video (from 1:08:00 - 1:26:05) and look at the Spanish flu, challenges for returning soldiers, and the Winnipeg General Strike. 

Lastly, you will be writing a short opinion paragraph or political cartoon on whether or not the "Citizens' Committee of One Thousand's" reaction to the Strike was justified. Remember the attitudes and values at the time, based on the video and pages 50-51 in your Counterpoints textbook. You will choose one of the following perspectives:
1) A union worker who is striking for better wages and living conditions OR
2) A business leader or politician (and member of the Citizens' Committee of One Thousand) who is anti-strike. 
What are your thoughts on unions and worker's rights, comrades?
If we have time, we'll begin going over your 1920's "Decade on a Page" assignment. We will get started on those in Tuesday's class!

C Block Geography 12 - On Friday you had the block to work on your Orting college activity so today we'll take the class to finish working on the Koko Head (Hawai'i Kai) topographic map assignment in your Canadian Landscape topographic map textbook. Look at Thursday's blog entry for the questions I'd like you to answer.

D Block Criminology 12 - Today we are going to the library to work on our next blog / journal entry. Below, you'll find a question on hypermasculinity, male socialization, and sexual assault. I will need you to answer that question and then find a news story about a sexual assault. You will need to try to explain the motivation and roots of the behaviour of the assaulter in the story.

Explain how sexual behaviour could be socialized in males. Do you think that males who commit sexual assault are "hypermasculine"? Why and where do men learn "hypermasculine" behaviour?

The factors that predispose men to commit sexual assault include evolutionary factors, male socialization, psychological abnormality, and social learning. Most criminologists believe that rape is not sexually motivated. The evolutionary and biological factors of males suggest that sexual assault may be instinctual and developed over the ages in an effort to perpetuate the species. This notion holds that men who are sexually aggressive will have a reproductive edge over their more passive peers. Conversely, the male socialization view argues that men are socialized to be the aggressors and expect to be sexually active with many women. Sexual insecurity, then, may then lead some men to commit sexual assault to bolster their self-image. Hypermasculine men typically have a callous sexual attitude and believe that violence is manly. Finally, another view is that men learn to commit sexual assaults as they learn any other behaviour.

Before you write your blog for the day PLEASE read this article: "The conversation you must have with your sons" AND this article "Why campuses are too often the scene of sex crimes".

Then, think about the media we are exposed to in youth...Check out the official Miss Representation website. Use information from the "Sext Up Kids" documentary question we watched on Friday to help you with your entry today.

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