Sunday, November 16, 2014

Monday, November 17. 2014

Today's schedule is A-AG-B-C-D

A & C Blocks Social Studies 10 - Today we'll finish our look at confederation (July 1st 1867). We'll quickly discuss the London Conferences and then look at the division of powers established in the British North America Act. Don't forget that the USA had just recently been going through a nasty civil war and the states themselves had much greater powers than we assigned to the provinces of Canada. There's a reason, therefore, we had a much stronger central government as we did not want to see a similar unfortunate event take place in Canada. After this, you'll get a copy of the “Confederation Timeline” and a picture sheet of events. Cut & paste the events in proper order on your timeline and add a caption for each event explaining what the event is and how it is related to Confederation along with when it happened. Then there are pictures of people; place those people around the edges of your timeline (yes, each person needs a caption of who they are and what colony/province they are from). Use colour to make your timeline stand out.

B Block Law 12 - Today we will begin our look at criminal law defenses focusing on alibi (disputing the Actus Reus) and automatism (disputing the Mens Rea) and I'll give you a few notes on both defenses. We'll review the Kenneth Parks homicidal somnambulism case (sleepwalking murder R. v. Parks, 1992). There is a great read on TruTV (used to be called Court TV) about the case. It is interesting to note that the same defense was attempted in Arizona in failed. You can read about the case involving Scott Falater who stabbed his wife 44 times and claimed he was sleepwalking here. After we look at automatism as a defense, we'll also look at legal duty where we'll watch a video about the recreation of the Stanley Milgram experiment. This relates to the Shepardsville, Kentucky McDonald's sexual assault case and legal duty as a criminal law defence.

D Block Criminology 12 - Today you'll be in the library to do two things: 1. finish any missing blog entries that you have yet to complete for assessment; and 2. finish working on your shoplifting poster assignment for tomorrow. A Reminder that the blog topics are:

Blog # 6 Sexual Assault & Hypermasculinity
Blog # 5 Serial and Mass Murder (Olson and Lepine)
Blog # 4 Short & Long term Impacts of Crime Victims
Blog # 3 Is School a Dangerous place for young people
Blog # 2 Drug Crime Trends and Rates for BC
Blog # 1 Personal Theory of Crime

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