Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday, March 26. 2012

Today's schedule is A-B-C-D

A Block Social Studies 11 - Today with Ms. Krahn...we’ll pick up where we left off on Friday and finish up our look at the interwar years. We’ll review the On-to-Ottawa trek and the Rengina Riot, and look at Bennett’s ‘New Deal’ and the 1935 election. Then we’ll have a review for your quiz tomorrow.

Your quiz will be 10 multiple choice questions, which are all taken from former provincial exams. I’ll briefly cover what topics seem to be the most common on these exams so you’ll have an idea of what to focus on while you study.

After this, we’ll switch gears and take a look at the dictatorships/totalitarian leaders that were forming in Italy, Germany, the USSR and Japan.We’ll talk about the social and economic conditions that were present at the time, and four key players in WWII: Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin and Tojo.

We’ll watch an American propaganda video from Warner Brothers about the dictators:

I’ll also show you this quick satirical clip from Australia about Fascism, and why voters should choose a fascist party:

You will work on a small group project where you will be responsible for collecting information on ONE of the leaders.

Here is the handout you will receive:

Here is a list of resources available for you to use:

Counterpoints pages 92-96


Mussolini Speech on video, “We Love you Benito”


Hitler Video: Closing scene from Triumph of the Will


Japanese WWII War Criminal, Hideki Tojo


Stalin Speech (translation written below):

B Block Law 12 - Today in Law we'll look at driving infractions. We'll find out what the Criminal Code says a "vehicle" is and what a public space is in relation to impaired driving, including the very important legal concept of "care or control". In relation to this I'll have you and a partner look through R. v. Decker, 2002 and we'll discuss question 1-4 as a class. To end the class I'll have you work on questions 2-3-4 on page 257 of the text. For more on the new drinking and driving laws in BC check out the Road Rules blog. Thursday and Friday you'll be in the library working on a small project (after we look at criminal law defenses) where you'll need to research a Criminal Law in greater detail, find a recent case where the law was applied and identify the defense that the accused used.

Today the Ontario Court of Appeals made a landmark decision decriminalizing brothels in Canada. The Ontario appeal court stated that the provisions prohibiting common bawdy-houses and living off the avails of prostitution, are both unconstitutional in their current form. The court said it will strike the word “prostitution” from the definition of "common bawdy-house," as it applies to Section 210 of the Criminal Code, which otherwise prevents prostitutes from offering services out of fixed indoor locations such as brothels or their homes.

See more of the decision here.

C Block Geography 12 - Today we're going to the library to start our next project on Mass Wasting. The assignment is below and is also in the K Drive here at school in the Mr A. Young folder (K/Mr. A. Young/Geography12)

You can also find the assignment in today's section of your week 9 package. Today and tomorrow are the only days that I can give you for research as the library is booked solid so you'll need to do some research on your own. Here are some websites to help...
Forest Service National Avalanche Center
United States Geological Survey Landslides Hazard
Federal Emergency Management Association Landslide & Debris Flow
National Park Service Mass Wasting
Geological Survey of Canada Landslides
Parks Canada Mountain Guide
University of Kentucky Earth Science Department Mass Wasting animation
Parks Canada Backcountry Avalanche Information
National Atlas of the United States Landslides
OUC Foundations of Physical Geography Mass Wasting

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