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Monday, March 19. 2012

Today's schedule is A-B-C-D

A Block Social Studies 11 - Today with Ms. Krahn...Today is the final class dedicated to the Decade on a Page project.

Here is the handout for the project:

Here is an (beginning stage) example of what a prezi (digital) web might look like:

You will be creating a web (on paper or digitally) to show the massive cultural and economic shift that occurred in the 1920′s. In this project, you will need to identify the important events, changes in and challenges to Canada under the following four headings. Each heading has a list of topics (important events, people and groups) that need to be included in your web.

When completing this activity you’ll need to identify any connections between the topics (Hint: think about the broad themes we discussed from the Laurier Era: Protest and Unrest; Hope and Discovery; Racism and Discrimination; Canadians and Canadiens). We will go through these topics in class before beginning the assignment.

B Block Law 12 - Today we begin property crimes in Law and to start we'll take a few notes down on property crimes (arson, theft, identity theft, B&E, possession of stolen goods and fraud). We'll go over the R. v. Foidart, 2005 case and examine what "colour of right" means. I'll have you work on a few questions related to the topics: 1-5 on page 236 along with defining “colour of right” and “false pretenses” and the following:
Jack and his friend Marcus want to roast hot dogs in Jack’s backyard. They dig a fire pit and start a small fire to cook their food. After they eat the hot dogs, they decide that they want to roast marshmallows. Jack goes into the house to find the marshmallows. While Jack is gone, Marcus decides that they need some music so he walks around to the front of the house to get his CDs from the car. While the boys are not attending the fire, the flames grow bigger. A wind blows an ember onto the neighbour’s property and ignites a pile of towels lying on the neighbour’s deck. Unfortunately, nobody saw the fire start and the neighbours are not home. Within a few minutes, the fire in the neighbour’s yard has spread to their house. Soon after that, Jack and Marcus see the flames and call the fire department. The fire department is able to put out the fire, but the neighbour’s property has sustained damage of about $5000.

1. Who is responsible for causing the fire?
2. Should the charge of arson be laid against Jack and/or Marcus?

Tomorrow we'll talk about obscenity and other social crimes.

C Block Geography 12 - Today we'll look at Mass Wasting (falls, slides, and flows). We will figure out the causes of Mass Wasting by looking at both the driving and resisting forces on hillsides and slopes. We will try to figure out some slope stabilization practices and specifically we'll look at what has been done at Goose Spit to stop erosion of the Willemar Bluffs along Balmoral Beach. We'll also review the problems of the Sea to Sky highway (Hwy 99 from West Vancouver to Squamish). You will define rock fall, debris avalanche, landslide, mudflow, and soil creep and work on questions 27 & 32 from page 443 in your Geosystems text.

SWEET Landslide video from National Geographic

SWEET Japanese Landslide video

United States Geological Survey Landslides Hazard
Federal Emergency Management Association Landslide & Debris Flow
National Park Service Mass Wasting
Geological Survey of Canada Landslides
University of Kentucky Earth Science Department Mass Wasting animation
National Atlas of the United States Landslides
OUC Foundations of Physical Geography Mass Wasting

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