Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday, March 16. 2012

Today's schedule is C-Ag-D-A-B

C Block Geography 12 - Today we continue our look at chemical weathering by focusing our attention on karst topography and caves. We'll look on Google Earth at Guangxi province in China, Ha Long Bay in Vietnam, and Arecibo in Puerto Rico. If you go to the Geoscape Nanaimo webpage you can find some really good graphic and information about Karst on Vancouver Island (on the left hand panel click on "Our Rock Foundations" and you'll find the subsection on caves and karst). For homework you'll need to define: stalactite, stalagmite, flowstone, sinkhole/doline, and karst valley. You'll need to answer question 17, 20, 21, and 23 from page 443 in your Geosystems text and explain how tower karst (pagodas) forms and identify where it can be found. We'll watch the Planet Earth Cave episode and you can see the opening sequence here. This will help you with the week 7 questions on Karst topography and solution cave formation. Check out the National Geographic article "Cave of the Crystal Giants" which is about Cueva de los Cristales, or Cave of Crystals, a limestone cavern with glittering selenite crystal beams discovered in 2000 nearly a thousand feet below ground in the Naica mine in northern Mexico.

For cool pictures of solution cave formations check out The Virtual Cave. Also if you wish to see these features "live" you could travel 40 kilometres south and go to the Horn Lake Caves.

A Block Social Studies 11 - Today with Ms. Krahn...Today we’ll continue with the Decade on a Page project. You will have today and Monday to continue to work on this.

Here is the handout for the project:

Here is an (beginning stage) example of what a prezi (digital) web might look like:

You will be creating a web (on paper or digitally) to show the massive cultural and economic shift that occurred in the 1920′s. In this project, you will need to identify the important events, changes in and challenges to Canada under the following four headings. Each heading has a list of topics (important events, people and groups) that need to be included in your web.

When completing this activity you’ll need to identify any connections between the topics (Hint: think about the broad themes we discussed from the Laurier Era: Protest and Unrest; Hope and Discovery; Racism and Discrimination; Canadians and Canadiens). We will go through these topics in class before beginning the assignment.

Here is a link about how to do web assignments:

Check yesterday's blog entry for the four headings along with links for information.

B Block Law 12 - Today in Law we'll finish up the violent crimes section of this unit by focusing on robbery. We'll watch an episode of Law & Order from Season 10 called "Sundown". In the episode, a patient is found beaten to death in a hospital lounge -- and the resulting case involves infidelity, Alzheimer's disease and a ladies' man. I'll have a work sheet on the episode that I'd like you to work on after we finish the episode.

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