Thursday, January 26, 2012

EXAM WEEK January 25-27, 2012

Hi is exam week here at Vanier.

For Law 9/10 students, there are still some of you who have yet to submit your forensic science website project to me. I posted the final marks for the grade 9's yesterday and the grade 10 marks will be outside room 611 Thursday afternoon. So far nobody has submitted an incorrect URL for your web page project and that's good but I'll repeat it again there are a few of you who have yet to submit a URL so that I can see your work. Your web page project was due Tuesday so I would highly encourage you to e-mail me your URL even if your webpage is incomplete. This way I can give you marks for what you have completed.

For Social Studies 11 students, your exam was yesterday afternoon and there were certainly a few eye raising questions on the test. Your exams are being marked externally and you'll need your PEN (Personal Education Number) to access your grades at the Ministry of Education website - most likely in late February. I'll have your school grades posted outside room 611 by Thursday afternoon.

For Geography 12 students you have a quick lunch before your exam on Thursday. I'll have a vegetable and fruit platter along with juice and sandwich stuff for you. Your exam will be two hours in length in room 611 from 1:00 until 3:00. Your final marks in Geography (exam included) will be posted Friday by noon. Good luck to you all.

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