Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thursday, December 1. 2011

Today's schedule is D-C-B-A

C Block Law 9/10 - Today you have your second quiz in Law. After the quiz, we are going to watch an episode of "I Detective" called Terror Tactics. In this show the investigation of a crime is followed and at key points the narration stops and you'll be asked to make a decision as if you were a detective in the case. I will ask you to keep track of your choices and we'll see what kind of criminal investigator / detective you'd make! If we finish this activity then we'll start with our unit on crime scene procedures and we'll look at what the basic stages of a crime scene search are. The following are some great web pages to help understand the procedures:
Learning for Life Crime Scene Search study guide
U.S. Department of Justice Crime Scene Investigation guide

Criminal Profiling Crime Scene searches (FBI guidelines)

If you are interested in crime scene investigation as a career check out the BCIT courses (in Burnaby!) here

D Block Social Studies 11 - Today we're back in the class and we'll begin our look at the steps to world war two and Canada's response. We'll review your work on the rise of dictators and then we'll examine German aggression in terms of European politics. Next we'll look at isolation and appeasement along with Canada's declaration of war. I'll show you some archival footage from Germany and then you'll need to work on questions 2, 3, and 5 from page 98 along with questions 1 through 4 on page 105 of the Counterpoints text. Your 1920's - 1930's quiz will be tomorrow (December 2nd) and we'll have a quick review for that.

B Block Geography 12 - Today we will look at reading a weather map. You can practice by using the following web pages: Wisconsin station model exercise WW2010 University of Illinois weather page Weather Your activity is to be the weather forecaster for Detroit Michigan and on page 17 of your week 13 package look at the synoptic chart figure out the probable weather for the next two days.

We'll use a small device called the Weather Cycler to help us today.

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