Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday, December 5. 2011

Today's schedule is A-B-C-D

B Block Geography 12 - Today we look at mesoscale convective complexes and tornadoes. I'll show you some footage of a tornado captured on video by a Kansas television crew. This footage was actually detrimental to tornado safety as most people who saw it assumed that a highway overpass provides shelter and safety.

This proved deadly with the May 3, 1999 Moore Oklahoma F5 tornado. We'll also watch footage of the Moore tornado and see the damage it wrought. We'll watch the wind episode from the BBC Series "The Weather" and hear from a man that survived a direct strike from an EF5 tornado. At the end of the class you will need to work on questions 15 and 16 from page 248 of your Geosystems textbook.

C Block Law 9/10 - Today we will continue our look at crime scene investigation. We will look at examining a dead body and review the scientists in the forensic crime lab. Tomorrow, you'll get a photocopied handout of your "Clue Us In" crime scene reconstruction/investigation assignment that you'll have time to work on in the library next week.
If you are interested in playing crime scene investigation on line go to: Rice University's CSI: The Experience Web Adventure
We'll work on Rookie Training together next week.

D Block Social Studies 11 - Today we'll start with out 1920's & 1930's Quiz. We'll mark the multiple choice and matching sections together and then we'll look at Canada's response to the outbreak of World War Two, the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan and the concept of Total War. To help with this you'll need to work on with questions 1 through 4 on page 105 of the Counterpoints text. Your "Dictatorship for Dummies" project is due today please make sure you get it to me by the end of the day.

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