Monday, November 8, 2010

Law 9/10 Webpages

Hi everybody. Below is a list of the forensic science webpages you created for your final assignment. Nice work!

Emma - Forensic Pathology
Kendall - Forensic Pathology
Darren - Ballistics
Alex Mc - Forensic Serology
Chris - Forensic Anthropology
Jessica J. - Forensic Anthropology
Kate - Questioned Documents Examiner
Clayton - Forensic Odontology
Connor - Forensic Odontology
Aliyah - Forensic Psychology
Elaina - Forensic Psychology
Jessica M. - Fingerprinting
Quintin - Forensic Entomology
Bridget Irwin - Forensic Entomology
Ayrienna - Hair and Fibres
Tianna - Computer Forensics

More to come

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