Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 45 - Monday November 15. 2010

The theme for Geography Awareness Week this year is Fresh Water. Check out the GAW website with a video explaining the importance of water or watch below.

Take some time this week and consider what your water footprint is. You can use the Water Footprint webpage to calculate your consumption and see what you can do about lowering you rate of water use.

A - Introduction to Law 9/10 - Today we'll head into the library to work on the creation of our own crime theories. Use the handout on Crime Theories that I gave you on Friday to help create your own theory of why crime happens. Remember you need to use the brainstormed list we did in class along with part one of the assignment (analysis of classical, biological, sociological, and interactionist theories). You can look use the Crime Theory Web Site found on this link in order to help with your ideas. After you've created your theory, you'll need to find a crime story that supports your crime theory. Check out the Canoe crime news website for stories.

C - Law 12 - Today we'll start by watching the excerpt of the Bloodlust Under the Bridge video (murder of Victoria teenager Reena Virk) that I posted Friday. There is a good timeline of the trial at CBC news here. It is interesting to look at the defences offered by the two perpetrators (Kelly Ellard and Warren Glowatski) and we'll see whether implicating another person is enough to cast doubt in a jury's mind. Kelly Ellard is currently serving a mandatory life sentence for second degree murder.

After this, we look at insanity as a criminal law defence focusing on the unfortunate death of Tim McLean on Greyhound bus 1170 in Manitoba. Vincent Li, a diagnosed schizophrenic on his own randomly chosen bus journey, sat beside McLean and then, obeying voices inside his head, repeatedly stabbed and then cannibalized McLean’s body. We'll watch the Fifth Estate documentary "Bus 1170" on the incident. After we talk about Li's verdict of not criminally responsible due to mental defect, we'll continue our work on the questions from page 141 that we started on Friday. It is important to note that this defence does not always work. Elaine Campione was just found guilty of the murder of her two young children (3 years old and 19 months old). Her lawyer tried to have the jury find her not criminally responsible by reason of mental disorder but an Ontario court found her guilty on two counts of First Degree Murder today.

D - Geography 12 - Today you have your Gradation Unit Final test. This test will take the whole class to complete and if came prepared then I am certain you will do fine. Relax, breathe, and dazzle me with what you know.

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