Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 44 - Friday, November 12. 2010

C - Law 12 - Today we will we'll continue our look at criminal law defenses. We'll finish the video about the recreation of the Stanley Milgram experiment. This relates to the Shepardsville, Kentucky McDonald's sexual assault case and legal duty as a criminal law defence. For the time left in class, you will need to complete questions 1-7 on page 141 of the All About Law text. You will have a quiz next Thursday (Day 48 - November 18). Take a look at the Reena Virk MSNBC video and we'll talk about what defences Kelly Ellard used in her trial.

D - Geography 12 - Today we are continuing our work on the Medicine Hat Topographic map. You need your Canadian Landscape topographic map book and the Medicine Hat map can be found on pages 40-42. You will need to work on questions 1 a-d, 2 a & b, 3 a-e, and 7 a-d. This work is due by the end of class today. If you don't get this work finished and wish to work on this activity out of the class I would highly suggest you ask me questions ahead of time. You can find topographic maps of Medicine Hat on Google Maps (Type in Medicine Hat Alberta on a Google search and click on maps at the top and then choose "Terrain" as an option). Do not forget that you have a unit final test on Monday. Please take all of your marked/corrected work out of the bin in the class and spend some time preparing this weekend.

A - Introduction to Law 9/10 - Today we'll start by reviewing Wednesday's work (I'll get it back up on the board); next you'll get a handout on Crime Theories and you will need to evaluate them (what you like about them and what you disagree with them about)...don't worry we'll go through them together in class today. This weekend you'll have to complete part two of today's assignment - this means you need to create your own theory of why crime happens. Remember you need to use the brainstormed list we did in class along with part one of the assignment (analysis of classical, biological, sociological, and interactionist theories). On Monday we'll go into the library and you'll research and write up your theory. You can look use the Crime Theory Web Site found on this link this weekend or take a look at it on Monday.

Pau Hana.

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