Thursday, November 12, 2009

Friday, November 13, 2009

Today's schedule is A-B-Lunch-C-D

I will be at the University of British Columbia today and you have guest teachers in the class. Be nice and treat Mr. Schellink, Ms. Zirkl, and Mr. Lees well.

A - Social Studies 11 - With Mr. Jones you will be building a time line of events leading to the outbreak of hostilities in 1939. Next you'll deal with the outbreak of the war and the German Blitzkrieg tactics.

B - Geography 12 - Today is your last day in the library to continue working our Mass Wasting project. You can find the assignment on Tuesday's post or in the K:Drive on the school computers (Mr.A.Young/Geography12). Don't forget this is due today so you kind of need to finish it. Here are some websites to help...
Forest Service National Avalanche Center
United States Geological Survey Landslides Hazard
Federal Emergency Management Association Landslide & Debris Flow
National Park Service Mass Wasting
Geological Survey of Canada Landslides
Parks Canada Mountain Guide
University of Kentucky Earth Science Department Mass Wasting animation
Cal State Long Beach Mass Wasting site
National Atlas of the United States Landslides
OUC Foundations of Physical Geography Mass Wasting

Mr. Schellink will be looking after you today"in the library and feel free to show him what you're working on, also Ms. Whyte can help you with computer issues (remember I've arranged for your pamphlets to be printed on the colour printer in the library - One copy each). If you finish then I would like you to begin to create a list of all of the questions you have ever wanted to know about the weather and we'll tackle that on Monday (Why does it rain in my front yard while it's sunny in my back yard? Why is the sky blue? Can I strap myself with a leather belt to drain pipes and survive a direct strike from an F5 tornado above ground? What is an eye of a hurricane? Why are you so obsessed about the weather Mr. Young?) You could always look at Weather Questions and Answers

C - Introduction to Law 9/10 - Today I want you to brainstorm a list of all the reasons you can think why someone would commit a crime. After you've created your list then partner up with the person next to you and share your ideas (combine your lists together). We'll collect all of your ideas on the board and then we'll try to categorize them into crime theory clusters (common themes). After you'll get a handout on Crime Theories and you will need to evaluate them (what you like about them and what you disagree with them about). This weekend you'll have to complete part two of today's assignment - this means you need to create your own theory of why crime happens. Remember you need to use the brainstormed list we did in class along with part one of the assignment (analysis of classical, biological, sociological, and interactionist theories).
Use the Crime Theory Web Site found on this link.
Mr. Lees will be looking after you today.

D - Law 12 - Today for the first 40 minutes we will we'll continue our look at criminal law defenses; specifically we'll work on the cartoon activity on criminal law defences:

Create a comic strip that shows and explains five (5) separate criminal law defences (alibi, self-defence, legal duty, excusable conduct, mental disorder, intoxication, automatism, consent, entrapment, mistake of fact, and double jeopardy). You will need to show the person committing the crime (choose a crime out of the Criminal Codes that I have in the class) and then you need to show how that person could defend themselves in a court of law.

This assignment is due next Thursday (November 19th) which is the same day as your mid unit test for Criminal Law.

For the remaining portion of the class we will watch a Law & Order episode on Alzheimer's disease and the required Mens Rea for a crime to be committed ("Sundown" episode 9 from Season 10). There is a question sheet that goes along with the episode and I'd like you to have that finished for Monday's class. Ms. Zirkl will be looking after you today.

Pau Hana Ohana!

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