Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

You have assignments due today...please do not give me any "My dog ate my homework" or "My computer crashed with all my work on it" excuses. Turn in your work today please.

Today's schedule is B-A-Lunch-D-C

B - Social Studies 10 - Today we'll play Social Studies 10 Jeopardy to review the course. Your poster is due today.

A - Social Studies 11 - Today we will watch the Frontline documentary "The Triumph of Evil" about the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. By watching this I hope you see the need for Canada to be involved with social justice, economic development, and human rights around the world.

C - Criminology 12 - Today we will take the desks down to the gym. I'll have a Criminal Minds episode playing and your poster is due.

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