Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday, May 25, 2009

Today's schedule is B-A-Lunch-D-C

Welcome Back family! I hope that your weekend was restful and you enjoyed yourself. I wanted to take this opportunity to remind you that there are only 17 classes remaining before the end of the semester. Here is the Exam schedule for Social Studies:

Wednesday, June 17, 2009 1:00 pm-4:00 pm Social Studies 10
Friday, June 19, 2009 9:00 am - 12:00 pm Social Studies 11

B - Social Studies 10 - Today we will spend the class working on our children's book about the building of the CPR. This week you'll have today, Wednesday and Thursday to work on the book. Tomorrow we'll review settlement on the Prairies with the Indian Act and treaties. Friday we'll continue with our last history section looking at the Ukrainian, Icelandic, and Mennonite settlers and the effect of the railway on settlement. Don't forget, here are some websites that can help you:
Canadian Pacific Railway Archives
The Canadian Encyclopedia - Building the Railway
The Kids site of Canadian Settlement - Chinese & the Railway
Vancouver Public Library - CPR History
BC Archives - CPR
Kamloops Art Gallery - Andrew Onderdonk & the CPR

A - Social Studies 11 - Today we will finish our look at the Cold War. Just a note of interest...North Korea conducted a test by detonating a nuclear bomb today. Check out the article from the British paper "The Telegraph" here. We'll take a look at Canada's role in the post-Vietnam world in two sections - the Trudeau Era and the Mulroney Era. We'll look at NORAD, CIDA, la Francophonie, SALT, SDI, FIRA, FTA, NAFTA, Glasnost, Perestroika and the end of the Cold War. You'll need to work on questions 2, 3, and 4 from page 150 from the Counterpoints textbook today. Tomorrow we'll look at the changes to Canadian culture, the economy, politics, and our society during the Cold War. Wednesday and Thursday we'll examine our tempestuous relationship with Quebec and next week we'll talk about Canada's role in Somalia, Rwanda, the Gulf War, and Afghanistan.

C - Criminology 12 - Today we are going to the library to work on our next blog / journal entry. Below, you'll find a question on hypermasculinity, male socialization, and sexual assault. I will need you to answer that question and then find a news story about a sexual assault. You will need to try to explain the motivation and roots of the behaviour of the assaulter in the story.

Explain how sexual behaviour could be socialized in males. Do you think that males who commit sexual assault are "hypermasculine"? Why and where do men learn "hypermasculine" behaviour?

The factors that predispose men to commit sexual assault include evolutionary factors, male socialization, psychological abnormality, and social learning. Most criminologists believe that rape is not sexually motivated. The evolutionary and biological factors of males suggest that sexual assault may be instinctual and developed over the ages in an effort to perpetuate the species. This notion holds that men who are sexually aggressive will have a reproductive edge over their more passive peers. Conversely, the male socialization view argues that men are socialized to be the aggressors and expect to be sexually active with many women. Sexual insecurity, then, may then lead some men to commit sexual assault to bolster their self-image. Hypermasculine men typically have a callous sexual attitude and believe that violence is manly. Finally, another view is that men learn to commit sexual assaults as they learn any other behaviour.

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