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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Today's schedule is A-B-Lunch-C-D

A - Social Studies 11 - Today we are off to the library to begin our research on the "Dictatorship for Dummies" project (see yesterday's blog for the assignment). Five great print resources in the library are the Longman 20th Century History Series written by Josh Brooman: Italy and Mussolini 1900-45 (945.091 BRO); Weimar Germany 1918-33 (943.086 BRO); Hitler's Germany 1933-45 (943.086 BRO); Stalin and the Soviet Union 1924-53 (947 BRO) and Roads to War the Origins of the Second World War 1929-41 (940.53 BRO). In the class I have copies of the Time-Life Series The Third Reich: The New Order; The Twisted Dream; and Storming to Power. I also have a copy of The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich: A history of Nazi Germany by William L. Shirer and two books on Fascism - one by Stanley Payne and the other by Alan Cassels. Your textbook is a good resource (see pages 92-96) and you could also look at the following on line resources:

Totalitarianism in Europe
Death of the Father: An anthropology of the ends of political authority
Italy's Fascist Dictator by Jim Osborn
How Stuff Works the rise of Dictators video
Dr. Hubert Lerch The Rise of European Dictators
Depression, European Dictators and the New Deal (check out page 2 of the pdf)

B- Social Studies 10 - To start the class today we'll go over the work from yesterday on the fur trade and the relationship that developed between Aboriginal Peoples and the HBC and NWC. Next we'll take a look at the Metis, Lord Selkirk and Assiniboia. From the Manitoba Metis Federation website:

Blue and White are the colours of the National Metis Flag. It has a white infinity symbol with a blue background. This flag was flown on June 19, 1816 at the “Battle of Seven Oaks” under the leadership of Cuthbert Grant. He led a Metis brigade on the Assiniboine River and seized the Company post at Brandon House. They then set off to the Red River Fough, the skirmish of Seven Oaks, in which Governor Semple and twenty-one of his men were killed for the cost of one Metis life.
We'll discuss Seven Oaks and look at how the geography of the Red River valley led to conflict between settlers, fur companies, and settlers. You'll need to complete question 8 from page 99 of the text today.

C - Criminology 12 - Today we will continue on with the causes of crime activity we began yesterday. This should take us through to the end of class today and I'll have your blog assignment up on the board for you today (personal theory of crime activity). Tomorrow we'll go through the history of criminology and discuss the difference between deviance and criminal behaviour.

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