Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday, March 9, 2009

Today's schedule is A-B-Lunch-C-D

A - Social Studies 11 - Today we will spend the entire class looking at the efforts of the Canadian Expeditionary Force on the western front in World War One. We will discuss the second battle of Ypres in 1915 and the first use of chlorine gas in warfare. We'll see the horrors of "das blutbad" - the Somme (Allied casualties 623,907 + German casualties 465,000 = 1,088,907 men in 4 months!). The casualties associated with this battle were largely due to using antiquated battle techniques in modern "mechanized" warfare (Sir Douglas Haig). 85% of the Newfoundland Regiment was wiped out in this battle (58,000 British troops were lost in the first day of the battle). Lastly we'll look at Vimy Ridge (1917), the first time that all four Canadian Regiments faught together as one force. Vimy is widely seen as the birth of Canadian nationalism and we'll watch the Canada: A People's History documentary on it today to end the class.

B- Social Studies 10 - Today we are off to the library to word process out 1837/8 Rebellions editorial. I'll show you how to transfer your word document into a newsletter on publisher in the library. Today is your only day to work on this during school time so no Facebook, Youtube, or game sites!

C - Criminology 12 - Today we are going to the library to work on our next blog / journal entry. Last week I gave you a question on hypermasculinity male socialization and sexual assault. I will need you to answer that question and then find a news story about a sexual assault. You will need to try to explain the motivation and roots of the behaviour of the assaulter in the story.

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