Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday, March 6, 2009

Today's schedule is C-D-Lunch-B-A

C - Criminology 12 - Today we are going to finish our look at violent crime. We'll quickly review our discussion on sexual assault from yesterday and then we turn our focus to assault, child abuse, spousal abuse (including the risk indicators), robbery, criminal harassment (also known as stalking), and hate crimes. On Tuesday, you'll have your next quiz in Criminology and it will be on the entire chapter on violent crime (the last two weeks worth of work). On Monday you're back in the library for your journal / blog work (the sociological and biological causes of sexual assault). For the last half hour of the class we'll watch a documentary on Jeffrey Dahmer (viewer discretion is advised here and if you feel uncomfortable at any point you may leave the class). We are watching the documentary to understand the psychopathology of a serial rapist and murderer.

B- Social Studies 10 - Today we will continue our work on the editorials about the rebellions of Upper and Lower Canada in 1837/8. You will need to work diligently on this task as you will receive no more class time to work on the assignment. The due date for the assignment is next Wednesday (March 11, 2009) which also happens to be the date of your unit test on the rebellions and their aftermath. We'll talk about the Rebellion Losses Bill and Elgin on Monday along with the development of a responsible government in the colonies.

A - Social Studies 11 - Today we'll examine the horrors of trench warfare in World War One. We'll focus on Ypres, the Somme, Vimy Ridge, and Passchendaele (specifically Canadian involvement). We'll look at the advances in technology that caused the stalemate on the Western Front and the slaughter of millions of men.

The Great War Trench website
The Somme 1916
Ypres 1915
Vimy Ridge 1917
Passchendaele 1917

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