Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday January 26, 2009

It's Exam Week so please take some time to prepare. Earth and Space Science 11 students write Wednesday morning (January 28th @ 8:45 in the gym) and Geography 12 students write Friday morning (January30th @ 8:45 in room 601).

Introduction to Law 9/10 students created web pages on forensic science for their major project this term. Here is a list of their pages for you to explore:

Chelsea Banner - Forensic Odontology
Graham Bergey - Forensic Physics
Krystal Bryant - Forensic Chemistry
Melissa Clement - Forensic Anthropology
Katelyn Clements - Voice Identification
Stephanie Devonshire - Document Analysis
Emily Evans - DNA
Dominique Gunter - Forensic Entomology
Kendra Hull - Forensic Art
Alex Innes - Criminal Psychology (watch out for the Mötley Crüe song!)
Theressa Kozack - Forensic Botany
Megan Lihou - Forensic Serology
Laura Murphy - Fingerprint Analysis

Darian Nickerson - Forensic Ballistics
Annie Nim - Forensic Entomology
Whitney Schaefer - Forensic Odontology
Caitlin Tatham - Forensic Toxicology

Thanks also to Mike Ravensbergen and Brodie Murphy who completed their web pages on internal servers.

I am so very pleased to see the efforts of all the Introduction to Law 9/10 students. You all worked very hard on these projects and learned a great deal about both crime scene investigation and the law. Well done!

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