Friday, April 20, 2018

Friday, April 20. 2018

Today's schedule is D-C-B-A

D Block Human Geography 11 - Today with Mr. is the last day we have to work on our project. We will go over the rubric as a class again to make sure that you are preparing your presentations to meet the criteria. By the end of the day, I’d like you to have completed your projects and be ready to present them in the gallery walk; if not, you will have to finish it up over the weekend! You should also start thinking about questions you are going to be asked about during the gallery walk. By looking at your research, you should be able to anticipate what some of the commonly asked questions are going to be.

C Block Criminology 12 - Today with Mr. start the lesson, we will watch a video clip from the movie The Untouchables showing the arrest of Al Capone, one of the most famous organised criminals of all time. Capone made his fortune by selling illegal alcohol during the American Prohibition era (his beer of choice was Sleemans). Following the video, we will have a discussion about how accurate you think the arrest was.
We will then have a slideshow about the actual rise and fall of Al Capone and how he was able to make his money because of prohibition. This will lead into a conversation about how Marijuana was first made illegal in Canada (Emily Murphy and The Black Candle, racist behaviour towards Chinese Canadians). You will then be asked to write what you think the effect of legalizing marijuana as prescribed by the government of Canada will have on organised crime.

B Block Introduction to Law 10 - Last Day; Quiz day! After we'll wrap up the course.

A Block Law 12 - We'll watch a Law and Order episode from season 20 called Shotgun. A small businessman in Spanish Harlem becomes a hero after shooting three armed robbers. However, the investigation later discovers that there are holes in his story and that it may not have been a case of self-defense. After we discuss the episode we'll finish our look at criminal law defenses.

and...for #TestTuesday here's your review of things to know:

Chapter 4
What is a crime (also just know they are in the Criminal Code)
Purpose of Criminal Law (protect us and our property, maintain order, retribution & rehab)
Summary Conviction, Indictable and Hybrid offenses (what & max penalty)
Mens Rea Actus Reus
MR – Intent; Recklessness; Wilful Blindness; Criminal Negligence
Motive (diff between that and intent)
Attempt & Conspiracy
Parties to an Offence – Aider; Abettor; Accessory after the fact
Court Structure (Provincial Criminal Div; Superior/Supreme Provincial; Prov. Appeal; Supreme Court of Canada)

Chapter 5
3 Options for police (arrest; appearance notice; arrest warrant)
Steps in lawful arrest
Citizen’s arrest
Legal searches (warrants & exceptions; rules- gender)
Rights upon arrest / detention
Pre-trial release (bail/recognizance)
Arraignment/Plea/Preliminary Hearing/plea bargaining

Chapter 7
Violent Crime
Homicide levels (Murder x2); Manslaughter; Infanticide
Assault/Sexual Assault (for SA age of consent and consent)
Robbery (theft with violence or threat of)
Property Crime
Theft (colour of right)
B&E (must include intent to commit an indictable offence)
Weapons (firearms) Restricted, Non-Restricted and Prohibited – PAL & CFSC
Street Racing definition and penalty
Prostitution (Procuring & Solicitation)
Drugs (possession and trafficking) medicinal pot – controlled vs prohibited substances
Impaired driving (80 mg / 100 ml = 0.08) – spot checks/breathalyzer/blood test

Chapter 8
Non Insane Automatism vs Insane Automatism (NCR) – fitness hearing
Intoxication (intent – specific to general)
Battered Woman (Spouse) Syndrome
Self Defence (reasonable)
Necessity vs Duress
Double Jeopardy

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