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Friday, March 2. 2018

Today's schedule is B-A-D-C

B Block Introduction to Law 10 - I will show you two episodes of "I Detective" (Identity Unknown). On the video, you'll be presented with a crime scene and at a point will be posed with a multiple choice question to answer. I'll pause the episode and you will be required to choose an answer (they'll give you three options). We'll see how good of a crime scene detective you really are. From FOXCrime:

Armchair detectives and forensic science junkies get the opportunity to solve real cases. I, Detective is a television series that combines the elements of documentary, murder mystery and quiz shows. Each half-hour show gives viewers the opportunity to follow clues, find evidence and learn how this information is used to solve some of the most intriguing investigations using the same evidence, suspects, motives and witness statements that actual investigators encounter in their quest to solve the crime.

A Block Law 12 - Today we're going to watch an episode of Law and Order from season 9 called True North. From double murder of a wealthy man and his daughter leads the detectives to the wife and stepmother of the deceased. However, Canada's objection to the death penalty hampers McCoy and Carmichael in seeking crucial evidence for obtaining a conviction.
We'll discuss the episode after its conclusion and don't forget...Human Rights Poster due today.

D Block Human Geography 11 - Today you'll be working with Mr. V. looking at the key question Where Are States Distributed? “Old School” geography often required you to memorize countries and their capitals. Human geographers now emphasize a thematic approach. We are concerned with the location of activities in the world, the reasons for spatial distributions, and the significance of those arrangements. Despite this change in emphasis, you still need to know the locations of countries. Without such knowledge, you lack a basic frame of reference—knowing where things are. From the 90's (including countries that don't exist anymore):

Mr. V will have you up and around the class today looking at borders and countries.

C Block Criminology 12 - Today we'll continue our focus on violent crime looking at rape and sexual assault in Canada. We'll examine what a sexual assault is along with the three levels of sexual assault in Canadian Law. After I'd like you to focus on two questions: one on Groth's typology of rapist and the other on the causes for sexual assault.

1. Explain the three types of rapist according to Groth (anger, power, and sadistic)
2. Identify and explain the causes for sexual assault

You'll need to look at evolutionary and biological factors (remember Sigmund Freud's Thantos and Eros or instinctual drives that allowed species to be successful)? Look at modern male socialization (boys are taught to be aggressive, forceful, tough, and dominating...think about how boys play when they're young) and then at hypermasculinity (where some men have callous sexual attitudes and believe that violence is "manly"). Lastly consider both violent experiences (remember that those boys who were exposed to violence in the household are more likely to commit violent acts when they grow older) and sexual motivation (social, cultural, and psychological forces...think about the messages hidden in Axe body spray commercials).
For more info check out the following sites:
Sarnia Sexual Assault Survivor's Centre
The Devastation of Sexual Assault (Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime)
Prevent Sexual Violence: Love Shouldn't Hurt Youth Zone
Alberta Association of Sexual Assault Centres
Draw the Line
BC Society for Male Survivors of Sexual Assault
BC Women's Hospital Sexual Assault Service Resources

Consider the message that this commercial sends to people...

Now consider what the commercial indicates about sex in modern society. Who is the commercial targeted at and what are the sexual roles in the commercial.

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