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Tuesday, January 23. 2018

Today's schedule is C-D-A-B

C Block Human Geography 11 - Today we'll look at the Key Issue, "Why Do Cities Face Challenges"? Our focus will be on the division between the downtown CBD and the suburban residential neighbourhoods...using Vancouver as an example. We'll look at "filtering" (and SROs in Vancouver), public housing, gentrification and the Downtown Eastside (DTES). For help with your questions look at the following sites and videos:
The people of the Downtown Eastside
Vancouver's Downtown Eastside changing with development
City of Vancouver Downtown Eastside Plan
Welcome to Hell: A walk through the Downtown Eastside
Vice: Downtown Eastside

D Block Criminology 12 -You have the block today in the library to catch up on all of your work including your media monitoring project that is due this week. Don't forget Your task will be to watch, read, investigate and then report on 10 days, episodes, entries, or instances of media coverage of crime.

If you are reviewing a daily news source(s) you should include a full listing of the number of crimes covered by category (e.g. murder, robbery, rape, property crimes, white-collar crime, computer crime, government deviance, etc.), along with specific details on "high profile" stories. For fictional sources, you might want to choose a theme or crime type, and then pick examples of the media source that features it. For example, serial crime, white-collar crime, street crime, drug crime, crime inside prisons, police deviance, sex crimes, psychopathology, war-related crime, terrorism, computer crime, hacking, family violence, school crime, etc. would make good topics. If your media source is movies, then locate a set of films that all focus on that type of crime.

So what do you need to report on? You need to become an expert on one type of crime media. You`ll need to give an overview of what it is along with what it shows. Describe what crimes were shown or reported including as much criminological information (type of crime and why it was perpetrated) and sociological information (age, gender, race, ethnicity, class) about victims and perpetrators as you can find.

B Block Physical Geography 12 -Today we'll be in the library to work on your BC renewable energy activity. In this activity you will need to examine four of the six most common renewable energy sources (hydroelectric, geothermal, wind, biomass, tidal, and solar)…you will need to:

1.       Give a definition and an explanation of how it is produced

2.       Provide three examples of how the source is used (globally)

3.       Detail three advantages and three disadvantages of using the source

4.       Assess the potential for developing that source of energy here in BC

5.       Choose the best option out of the ones they listed to develop here in BC (think cost to make and transmit and return on investment)

You will have tomorrow and Thursday in the library to finish this. Remember you must look at four of the six renewables (not all six) and provide sound reasoning as to why you believe their top choice should be chosen as an energy project here in BC. Here are some links for you to use:

BC Sustainable Energy Association
Energy Alternatives
Clean Energy BC
Government of BC Electricity and Alternative Energy
Pembina Institute: Renewable and Energy Alternatives BC
Energy BC
Sierra Club BC Alternative Energy
Tyee Mapping BC's Clean Energy
Canadian Wind Energy Association BC
BC Geothermal Estimates
Canadian Geographic Energy IQ
BC Hydro Green Energy Study

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