Sunday, December 3, 2017

Monday, December 4. 2017

Today's schedule is A-B-C-D

B Block Physical Geography 12 - Today we will look at reading a weather map. You can practice by using the following web pages:
Wisconsin station model exercise
WW2010 University of Illinois weather page

We'll start by using the WeatherCycler to understand the three dimensional aspects of a low pressure system. We'll work together as a class on Activities 1 - 3 and then I'll have you work in partners on activities 4, 5 and 6. Your activity after this is to read through the section on weather station models, complete the model plots in the week 13 package and then be the weather forecaster for Detroit Michigan. Look in your week 13 package to see the synoptic chart (also below) and then figure out the probable weather for the next two days.

Take some time on the following sites to learn more and to practice your weather operational analysis capabilities:
WW2010 - University of Illinois Weather site
National Weather Service "Jet Stream" online weather school
American Meteorological Society "Data Streme"
USA Today Reading Weather Maps
Satellite Meteorology Course Weather Forecasting Module
Practise at: Weather Office (Environment Canada) Operational Analysis Charts or at the Data Streme site above

C Block Human Geography 11 - Today we're back in the library for your last day of research for our ethnic conflict poster project. Don't forget, the intent behind the poster is to raise awareness of either a current of historical (20th Century) example of either ethnic cleansing or of genocide. Check last Thursday's blog entry for links and criteria. I will have poster paper for you tomorrow in class

D Block Criminology 12 - Today we're back in the library working on two things. Just a reminder, I really appreciate that you're willing to post in the on line class but remember "Use each other's names" and "Avoid slang and sarcasm". Now for today I'd like you to do two things:
  1. Work through the three questions from Friday on the Dateline "My Kid Would Never Do That: Stranger Danger" along with the "Big Ideas connecting the three shows" question Reality Crime Television.
  2. Begin work on the individual media monitoring assignment Individual Media Monitoring Assignmnet

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