Thursday, April 27, 2017

Thursday, April 27. 2017

Today's schedule is D-C-B-A

D Block Introduction to Psychology 11 - Today I'll go over your Psychology Inquiry Project with you. Essentially, inquiry is the process of being puzzled about something, generating your own questions about the subject, using information to satisfy your own interests and to develop your knowledge. What does it include? Planning, Research, Focus, Creating, Sharing, Evaluating and Reflecting. Within the context of Psychology in order to start your inquiry process you'll need to ask/consider:

  • What is my broad area of inquiry?
  • How can I narrow down my focus...
  • Some possible inquiry questions are...
  • Where can I find reliable information sources?
  • Who will be the audience and what format will I make my presentation?
  • How will I be evaluated on this inquiry project?
We'll head to the library to work on our week 2 package and to begin the process of Inquiry for our project.

C Block Social Studies 11 - We are building upon Canada’s cultural identity!
Remember: After WW1 the world started to see Canada as it’s own autonomous country. Kind of like all of you as you build your identity from a child to an adolescent to an adult with your own ideas, styles and goals. As Emily Carr and the Group of Seven developed new painting styles that set Canada upon the art stage and built the symbol of Canada as a vast and wild wilderness of the north, motion pictures, radio dramas, music and sports simultaneously helped Canada to grow into an autonomous Country through cultural identity - think symbols! Some of the personalities and ideas that built up our cultural identity are

  1. Sports heroes: Lionel “Big Train” Conacher; Fanny “Bobby” Rosenfeld; and Tom Longboat
  2. Musicians and Actors/Actresses: Robert Nathaniel Dett; Fay Wray; and Mary Pickford
  3. Social Personalities and Inventors: Chief Joe CapilanoArchie Belaney “Grey Owl”Wilfrid “Wop” MayArmand Bombardier; and Sir Frederick Banting
  4. Feminist Politicians (As a Reminder): Agnes Macphail; and Emily Murphy 

B Block Law 12 - Test thingy got a review yesterday right? Today you've got eh block to finish yesterday's work: explain the roles and responsibilities of the judge, the crown prosecutor, defense counsel, the court clerk, court recorder, and sheriff and then work on questions 1, 2 and 4 from page 200 as well as questions 1, 2 and 3 from page 207 of the All About Law text. I'll finish the class with "Question Day" where I'll answer your burning questions that you wanted answered about Criminal Law. 

A Block introduction to Law 9/10 - Today we'll look at the reality of crime in Canada. CTV News Crime Severity. After we'll try to understand what a victim of crime is. We'll discuss victims of crime and victimology and the "Theories of Victimization" (active & passive victimization; deviant place & high risk lifestyles; and routine activities). 

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