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Monday, March 6. 2017

Today's schedule is A-B-C-D

A Block Introduction to Law 9/10 - Tomorrow you'll have your second quiz in the course (on profiling, psychopathy, serial and mass murder along with geographic profiling). Today we'll look at crime scene investigation. You'll start with the basic stages of a search, documenting evidence, and examples of what is included in a crime scene investigator's toolkit. Finally, I'll have you work on your detective skills through a crime scenario (the Backpack mystery). Read the story; research the clues; evaluate the evidence; consider means, motive and opportunity; and explain who you think committed the criminal offense. To convince a jury of guilt in a criminal trial (in a US Court of law), three things need to be established: means, motive and opportunity. Means – did the person have the ability and the tools to commit the crime? Motive – did the person have a reason to commit the crime? Opportunity – were circumstance such that the person would have had a chance to commit the crime?

Take down this chart and record your answers (if a piece of evidence fits a suspect’s behavior then place a check in that column…i.e. if Coach Brown has a match for fingerprints left at the scene then place a check mark in in Coach Brown’s row in the fingerprint column).

Coach Brown




I think the guilty party is ________________ because…

B Block Law 12 - Okay so today we wrap up our introductory unit in Law and this means Thursday you've got a test. Some of you really need to get work into me so that you are up to date and ready for Thursday's test. So you have time to work on Q 1-4 p.94 along with 4 & 5 from p.97 and 5 from p.104 of the AAL text OR  your questions on equity for women in the work place (And 6 of you have not submitted a Human Rights Campaign Poster project to me yet). The unit test will cover the first three chapters of the All About Law text and will have: 15 True/False questions; 15 Multiple Choice questions; 15 Fill In the Blank questions; 15 Matching questions; and 7 Short Answer questions. If you are done all of the work and are up to date then I'd like you to partner up with a classmate and complete questions 5 & 6 from the unit review on pages 108-09 of AAL.

C Block Social Studies 11 -Today you'll have to answer the following questions:
  1. What is a pressure group? What is a lobbyist? How do they influence government?
  2. What is the role of the media in the political process (think news, reporting, campaigns, and advertising)?
  3. What is civil disobedience? What are the three "guidelines" for practicing civil disobedience? Should organizations like the Sierra Club of Canada allow acts of civil disobedience to be done in their name in order to block the development of the Northern Gateway (Kitimat) or Trans Mountain (Burnaby) pipelines? Would you commit acts of civil disobedience? What for? How would you do it? Why or Why not?
For more information on lobbyists:
Washington Post article on Lobbyists in Washington, D.C.
Great website on lobbyist industry in Washington (Center for Responsive Politics)
Canadian lobby website "Hillwatch"
Canadian Lobbying Act

Look at yesterday's blog entry for more information on media.

For the last portion of the class, we'll go over the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. I'll go over your fundamental freedoms (section 2), your legal rights (sections 7-14) and your equality rights (section 15)

D Block Criminology 12 - You may use today's block in the library to work on one of two things:

  1. You have blog entries due (15 of you have not completed blog entry #1 - personal theory on crime; 18 of you have not completed blog entry #2 - drug crime trends in BC; 17 of you have not completed blog entry #3 - Is school dangerous; and today blog entry #4 is due - what are the short and long term impacts on victims of Crime)
  2. You have six questions on violence and the media that I gave you last Thursday. If all your blog entries are done then you may work on these.


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