Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Thursday, February 23. 2017

Today's schedule is D-C-B-A

D Block Criminology 12 - Today we'll watch the Law & Order: Special Victim's Unit episode "Closure" This episode deals with the short and long-term effects of a sexual assault on a victim.

From "Benson does her best to help a rape victim who is able to describe her attack in perfect detail, yet unable to properly identify her attacker when push comes to shove. When the detectives revisit the case a few months later, they find the woman even less willing to talk about what  happened, as she claims she has moved on."

I want you to think hard during this episode and pay careful attention to what happens with Harper's character as it will form a base for your blog entry on Monday.  After, use Chapter 3 pages 51-4 in CRIM textbook to help answer the following from yesterday:

1. Explain the impacts of crime on victims (both short and long term)
2. Do people bear some of the responsibility for their victimization if they maintain a lifestyle that contributes to the chances of becoming a crime victim? That is, should we “blame the victim”?

C Block Social Studies 11 -Today we're back in the library for our last day to look at voting and elections in Canada specifically focusing on political ideology and the parties that follow specific ideologies. A political ideology deals with goals (how society should work) and methods (how to reach the goals). We'll look at the major political parties in Canada: Liberal, Conservative, New Democratic, Green, and Bloc Quebecois. Well see what their platforms (goals and methods) were/are. Remember try to select a party that most represents your beliefs. You'll need to explain why you would choose that party if you were eligible to vote today. You will receive no more library/class time for this activity so try to use your time wisely today...I'll need this activity by tomorrow.

B Block Law 12 - To start the class we'll talk about equality and look at section 15 of the Charter. After that we'll look at the difference between prejudice and discrimination. We'll look at discrimination in Canada focusing on the Persons case and women's issues employment and pay equity, sexual harassment, and discrimination against pregnant women. I'll have you work on the following questions:

1. What are some of the current barriers to equality facing women?
2. What is pay equity?
3. How are different jobs compared under pay equity?
4. What is employment equity?
5. What groups are protected under employment equity laws?

After this we'll work on our Human Rights poster (due today). I have poster paper for you and I'll give you the paper once I've seen your ideas (a rough sketch). Remember you need to create a visually appealing Human Rights Campaign Poster that addresses the human rights violation by incorporating key information (What is happening? Where is it taking place? What rights are being violated? Who is having their rights violated? Why are their rights being violated?) as well as pictures, symbols, and colours. Your poster should seek to draw the attention of the public through the balanced combination of text and visuals in a creative, yet educational manner!

A Block Introduction to Law 9/10 - This is it...the last day for research or compilation. We have the library booked in order to continue work on our serial killer research activity which is due next Monday in class. If you have completed the research for this assignment then you can print off your work and start to assemble your poster (I have poster paper for you in the library). Either way...this is it so use your time wisely

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