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Thursday, January 26. 2017

Welcome to the last day of Semester 1...Today's schedule is D-C-B-A

D Block Crime, Media & Society 12 - Today we'll finish our look at the big picture of crime, media and society 12. Today we'll watch Patrick Jane's "antics" on the Mentalist. We'll watch "Paint it Red" from Season 1 in which a business tycoon's son-in-law is found dead near where a $50 million painting once hung in his father-in-law's office. Jane and the CBI try to find out how he might have been involved and who else is responsible. From TV tropes:

Possessing exceptional knowledge of human behavior, extensive meditative and hypnotic training, a refined memory and superhuman deductive skills, Patrick Jane is one of the most valuable agents of the CBI in the fight against crime. Though technically he's not a cop, just a consultant.

He does have that "Sherlock Stare" that we talked about yesterday in class and he confounds his team members and keeps them in the dark about his plans until Voila...crime solved. So to end what can we deduce (Sherlock) from the three crime media dramas we watched this week?

Does the media merely reflect society's beliefs that the police are incompetent or does it create an image that we but into? Should we care - is it fine to turn the critical parts of our psyche off and merely be entertained for 44 minutes?...or should we try to find meaning in the message?

C & B Blocks Social Studies 11 - Today in class you'll work to compile your info-graphic poster on the commodity / resource / mono culture crop that you researched this week. Don't forget that you're trying to tie this topic to a country that depends upon your commodity. Consider these three questions:

  1. What is the Story you are trying to tell (think of a title)
  2. What information do you need to show to effectively tell your story
  3. How will you graphically depict that information/story (remember it is an information graphic)

This assignment is due tomorrow, so please work hard to compile your information and make your info-graphic poster interesting and attractive. I'll have scissors, glue, smelly felts and coloured pencils for you to work with.

A Block Geography 12 - Today we'll watch Home, an incredible documentary by Yann Arthus-Bertrand who also helped to initiate a foundation called Good Planet. Please take some time to share this movie with as many family and friends as you can. You can watch it on line at the YouTube homeproject's channel or connect with it on the film's Facebook page.

Think about the title. What is our collective home? Now think about the statement from the beginning of the film today...

Listen to me, please. You're like me, a homo sapiens. A wise human. Life; a miracle in the universe appeared around 4 billion years ago and we humans only 200,000 years ago, yet we have succeeded in disrupting the balance so essential to life. Listen carefully to this extraordinary story, which is yours, and decide what you want to do with it. 

I cannot stress this enough...this movie is amazing! It perfectly encapsulates Geography is both a cautionary tale of human impacts and a love letter to the planet.

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