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Thursday, December 8. 2016

Today's schedule is D-C-B-A

D Block Crime, Media and Society 12 - Today you'll have the block to work on your clique assignment or your social influences assignment that are due Tuesday. From yesterday, what are the cliques that exist in our school? To start Identify/ Brainstorm as many as you can on your own and, while avoiding stereotypes, try to describe the typical member of each clique. Get together with another two students in the class and form a triad - a group of three (not a dyad - a group of two). In your triad groups, select one clique in the school and make a poster that graphically depicts that group. Make sure that there are explanations of their behaviours, attire, appearance, attitudes and beliefs...hmmm maybe their clique culture? How crazy is this? Ever seen the high school story game for Apple and Android products?

Play HIGH SCHOOL STORY and create the school of your dreams, filled with all your friends. Throw parties, go on dates, and recruit jocks, nerds, cheerleaders, and MANY MORE classmates to unlock their stories! Plan a surprise birthday party, star in a fashion show, go on a wild spring break beach trip, and discover hundreds of other adventures!
  • THROW PARTIES to unlock over 30 characters! 
  • DATE your crush and play matchmaker for everyone at your school! 
  • BATTLE a rival high school in an evolving story, including a showdown at the Homecoming game, a science fair, a prank war, and more! 
  • PUT YOUR FRIENDS in the game and join them on adventures, dates, and parties! 
  • MAKE NEW FRIENDS and play their stories! 
  • BUILD your dream school and decorate it with everything from a half-pipe to a box of puppies! 

Why Cliques Form at Some High Schools and Not Others

Buzzfeed Can We Guess What Clique You Belonged To In High School?

C & B Blocks Social Studies 11 - Today we'll finish the Love, Hate, Propaganda video on Adolph Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Joseph Stalin and Hideki Tojo. After we'll begin our look at the steps to world war two and Canada's response. We'll review your work on the rise of dictators and then we'll examine German aggression in terms of European politics. Next we'll look at isolation and appeasement along with Canada's declaration of war. I'll show you some archival footage from Germany and then you'll need to work on questions 2, 3, and 5 from page 98 along with questions 1 through 4 on page 105 of the Counterpoints text.

From the CBC website...
The Strongmen is the story of Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Joseph Stalin and Emperor Hirohito of Japan. Each employed propaganda in their own way to gain absolute control over their citizens. In Italy, the face of fascism is that of Benito Mussolini, a colourful performer, and a brutal thug who counts Hitler as his friend and ally. In Russia, Joseph Stalin's insistence on total devotion would range from the horrific to the tragic-comic. And in Japan, Emperor Hirohito is seen as a demi-God, able to protect his people from all outside threats.

The Spanish Civil War in 1936 is effectively a dress rehearsal for the real war that would soon erupt between the Axis and Allied powers, and Communist and Fascist ideologies. In the Pacific, Japan launches a brutal attack on Nanking, foreshadowing the barbarity that would soon engulf Europe.

A Block Geography 12 -Today we will look at reading a weather map. You can practice by using the following web pages:
Wisconsin station model exercise
WW2010 University of Illinois weather page

We'll start by using the WeatherCycler to understand the three dimensional aspects of a low pressure system. We'll work together as a class on Activities 1 - 3 and then I'll have you work in partners on activities 4, 5 and 6. Your activity after this is to read through the section on weather station models, complete the model plots in the week 13 package and then be the weather forecaster for Detroit Michigan. Look in your week 13 package to see the synoptic chart (also below) and then figure out the probable weather for the next two days.

Take some time on the following sites to learn more and to practice your weather operational analysis capabilities:
WW2010 - University of Illinois Weather site
National Weather Service "Jet Stream" online weather school
American Meteorological Society "Data Streme"
USA Today Reading Weather Maps
Satellite Meteorology Course Weather Forecasting Module
Practise at: Weather Office (Environment Canada) Operational Analysis Charts or at the Data Streme site above

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