Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Thursday, November 17. 2016

Today's schedule is D-C-B-A

D Block Crime, Media and Society 12 - Over the next two weeks we'll look at Mass Media Theories and Media Literacy. Today we'll look at the elements of Media key element of media literacy is that:

1. Media are constructions - Media products are created by individuals who make conscious and unconscious choices about what to include, what to leave out and how to present what is included. These decisions are based on the creators’ own point of view, which will have been shaped by their opinions, assumptions and biases – as well as media they have been exposed to. As a result of this, media products are never entirely accurate reflections of the real world – even the most objective documentary filmmaker has to decide what footage to use and what to cut, as well as where to put the camera – but we instinctively view many media products as direct representations of what is real...

So today we will present our media analysis of the advertisements that you and your partner were assigned yesterday in class. Remember I asked you to practice the skills of critical analysis of the message and the medium. After your presentations we'll go through your first handout for the course on media literacy and critical thinking.

If there's time, we'll watch Batman: The Animated Series Two Face (part 1) and if time Two Face (Part II). These episodes provide an alternate origin story to Harvey Dent / Two Face than the movie The Dark Knight. The animated series was a sort of watershed for crime serial animation in that it was styled after a "film noir" format (a gritty and dark Hollywood genre of crime dramas from the 1940's and 1950's). This episode is almost 25 years old (yep from 1992) and is a brilliant example of a cartoon series taking its audience seriously. It provided gripping, intelligent, and compelling episodes that did not shy away from important issues and was adept at examining crime from a criminological perspective.

from Dent, campaigning for a re-election, vows to rid Gotham of Rupert Thorne's crime and corruption. The tables turn when Thorne gets a hold of Dent's psychological records and discovers his alternate personality the violent Big Bad Harv. Thorne attempts to blackmail the DA with this, and the following fight in Thorne's chemical plant hideout results in an explosion that scars the left side of Dent's body, despite Batman's attempts to save him.

So when we finish the episode we'll try to make sense of what messages the episode tries to pass on to its audience (remember it's children)and also what the episode says of crime.

C & B Blocks Social Studies 11 - Today we'll look at Canadian personalities from the 1920’s: J.S. Woodsworth;  Lionel Conacher; William Lyon Mackenzie King;  Bobbie Rosenfeld; Agnes McPhail;  Joe Capilano; Emily Murphy; Wilfred “Wop” May; Mary Pickford;  Edward “Ted” Rogers; Emily Carr;  Archie Belaney “Grey Owl”; Tom Thompson;  A.Y. Jackson; Frederick Banting; Fay Wray; Armand Bombardier; and Robert Nathaniel Dett

A Block Geography 12 - Today you have your Gradation Unit Final test. This test will take the whole class to complete and if came prepared then I am certain you will do fine. Relax, breathe, and dazzle me with what you know

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