Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Thursday, October 6. 2016

Today's schedule is D-C-B-A

Block Criminology 12 - I'd like to share the CBC DocZone Documentary "Sext Up Kids" with you. The documentary exposes how growing up in a hyper-sexualized culture hurts our kids and sends the wrong messages that could potentially lead to sexual assaults. From the CBC site:

From tiny tots strutting bikini-clad bodies in beauty pageants to companies marketing itty-bitty thongs and padded bras to 9-year olds, images of ever-younger sexualized girls have become commonplace.  Add to that: ever-younger boys with 24-7 access to hard-core internet porn.   It saturates their lives - from skate parks to the school bus – by the time they’re eighteen, 80 percent of boys are watching porn online.

So we'll watch the documentary and use information from it to help with our blog entry from Monday.
After I'd like you to focus on two questions: one on Groth's typology of rapist and the other on the causes for sexual assault.

1. Explain the three types of rapist according to Groth (anger, power, and sadistic)
2. Identify and explain the causes for sexual assault

C & B Blocks Social Studies 11 -  I'll have you work in partners on two Charter case studies from the All About Law texts in the class...R. v. Keegstra (1990) SCC questions 1-6 from pages 38 & 39 and Irwin Toy Limited v. Attorney General of Quebec (1989) SCC questions 1-7 (however don't do 5b) on pages 45 & 46. Don't forget you'll have to answer the following questions:

  1. What is a pressure group? What is a lobbyist? How do they influence government?
  2. What is the role of the media in the political process (think news, reporting, campaigns, and advertising)?
  3. What is civil disobedience? What are the three "guidelines" for practicing civil disobedience? Would you commit acts of civil disobedience? How? What for? Why or Why not?

A Block Geography 12 -Today we''l finish watching the Discovery Channel Raging Planet episode on Volcanoes. and we'll look at the differences between explosive and effusive volcanic eruptions (think silica and gas) and you'll have a big question to look at. We'll finish watching the Raging Planet volcano episode and then I'll show you some footage of the Kilauea eruption (both pahoehoe and aa flows) and the Soufriere Hills volcanic eruption on Montserrat. Monday we will focus on Mount Saint Helens and then we're in the library working on our first project.

For more on the differences between explosive and effusive eruptions see:
National Park Service "Views of National Parks" Volcanic Eruptions and Hazards
San Diego State University "How Volcanoes Work"
Volcano World "Volcanic Gasses"
Science World 2005 "When Mountains Fizz"

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