Sunday, June 5, 2016

Monday, June 6. 2016

Today's schedule is A-AG-B-C-D

A Block Criminology 12 - Today we are off to the library for our next blog assignment and I'd like you to tell me about auto theft. I'd like you to look up information on why people steal cars, where in Canada most cars are stolen from, what types of vehicles are most commonly stolen and I'd like you to tell me how much auto theft is actually happening in Canada (rates). Then I'd like you to tell me methods of protection (how to stop your car from being stolen).

Kanetix lists the top vehicles stolen in Canada and check out this article on the Macleans website for the article on the top cities for auto theft in Canada.
Global News "A Look at Car Thefts"
Crime Stoppers Bait Car website 
Insurance Bureau of Canada Auto Theft Auto theft in Canada
CBC News "International Auto Theft Ring in Canada"

B & D Blocks Social Studies 10 - Today you have your Western History unit final test. If you studied and are prepared then I'm certain you will do fine. You have assignments due today...please do not give me any "My dog ate my homework" or "My computer crashed with all my work on it" excuses; your CPR History book was due on Friday and today your Push/Pull and Changing Faces of Canada handout is due so turn in your work please.

C Block Law 12 - I have the library booked today for you to continue working on your civil law major term project. After today there are only 9 classes left until the final exam and 5 classes left in the library to work on your major civil law term project.

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