Thursday, May 12, 2016

Friday, May 13. 2016

Today's schedule is A-AG-B-C-D

A Block Criminology 12 - Today we'll discuss murder and homicide. We'll discuss the divisions of murder in Canada (1st and 2nd degree and manslaughter), the extent of murder in Canada, and murderous relations (acquaintance and stranger homicide). After we'll watch an episode of Criminal Minds from season 4 called "Zoe's Reprise". From IMDb

While on a book tour in Cleveland, Rossi learns from Zoe Hawkes, a keen criminology student, that there has been a spike in homicides in the city, she thinks that it is the work of one serial killer. Rossi thinks nothing of it since, on the surface, the homicides have nothing in common - that is until Zoe herself is killed while searching for clues. The BAU quickly realizes the connection: the M.O. of each case is a replica of more famous serial killer, with the perpetrator being a student of serial killers. Beyond the BAU needing to find the unsub before he kills again, Rossi has to reconcile his own feelings that he was somewhat responsible for Zoe's murder.

B & D Blocks Social Studies 10 -  Today you'll have part of the class to continue work on your 'Ole Bill Coot assignment but first...we'll examine the Confederation debate in British Columbia. We'll look at those supporting Confederation - joining Canada (like Anthony Musgrave, John Robson and Amor deCosmos), those supporting Annexation - joining the U.S.A. (like John Sebastien Helmcken) and those supporting Imperialism - staying a colony of Great Britain. I'd like you to explain the positions of each and identify the impacts on BC for each. So...

Confederation - benefits of this idea and impacts on BC
Annexation - benefits of this idea and impacts on BC
Imperialism - benefits of this idea and impacts on BC

After this you may continue working on 'Ole Bill Coot which is due this Today...yep a deadline that is today; no worries right? 

C Block Law 12 - Today we'll watch an episode of Law & Order from season 14 called "Hands Free". From"When McCoy fails to win a murder conviction against an eccentric cross dressing millionaire for the death of his neighbor, he redoubles the effort to convict the man for murdering his second wife years earlier by demonstrating that he murdered a witness to the crime." This episode is connected to the Robert Durst murder. Who is Robert Durst? He is the son of New York commercial and residential real estate developer Seymour Durst and was also investigated in the 1982 disappearance and murder of his wife Kathie McCormack Durst in New York, the 2001 murder of his neighbour Morris Black in Texas, and the 2000 murder of his friend Susan Berman in California.

In early 2015, a six-part HBO documentary titled The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst described circumstantial evidence linking Durst to the 2000 slaying of Susan Berman, who was believed to have knowledge of Kathie Durst's 1982 disappearance. The documentary detailed the disappearance of Kathie Durst, Berman's subsequent death, and the killing of Durst's neighbor Morris Black. Against the advice of his lawyers, and his wife Debrah Lee Charatan, Durst cooperated with filmmakers, giving multiple interviews and unrestricted access to his personal records. In February this year (2016) Durst pleaded guilty to a federal gun charge in New Orleans, paving the way for extradition to California to stand trial for the 2000 murder of Susan Berman. His arrest in New Orleans coincided with the airing of HBO's documentary series, "The Jinx,". During the show, Durst was confronted with two handwriting samples — an anonymous letter that had been sent to police alerted them to a "cadaver" at Berman's house and another letter he sent to Berman — that appeared to be a match and had identical misspellings of Beverly Hills. Afterward, he blurted into a hot microphone: "There it is. You're caught," and "What the hell did I do? Killed them all, of course."

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