Sunday, January 24, 2016

Monday, January 25. 2016

It's exam week! Tutorials take place today in 611. If you need help or need to get things done come to 611 this morning!

C Block Crime, Media and Society 12 - Remember I have asked you to answer a big question for me...Why do you think there is a trend in crime media involving the inadequecies of the police? Look at Elementary, Lie to Me, the Mentalist, Person of Interest Leverage, and the Dateline episodes to Catch a Predator or to Catch a Con Man. Each one of these shows involves a private consultant or specialist that helps the police solve their crimes that they apparently cannot solve on their own.

What subtle or overt messages about policing and authority do these shows portray? Why do you think this is a popular trend in crime media?

In order to help you answer that question, today we'll watch an episode of Person of Interest from Season 1 "Cura Te Ipsum" (The Machine gives up the number of Dr. Megan Tillman, a promising young physician, and Reese undertakes 24-hour surveillance of the doctor to determine the threat against her. Meanwhile, Fusco runs afoul of the Torero Cartel when they come looking for the drug money that his former partners stole from them). I fully expect that you'll include information from Lie to Me, the Mentalist and Person of Interest (as well as any other show you'd like to include). Please make sure I get that from you tomorrow.

D Block Geography 12 - Today we will take the first part of class to complete the Multiple Selection portion of our final exam. After this, we'll watch the rest of the movie WALL-E that we started on Friday.

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