Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Wednesday, December 16. 2015

Today's schedule is B-AG-A-D-C

A Block Social Studies 10 -  Today is our last day to work on your children's book about the building of the CPR. Your project is due tomorrow...really it is. That means that the project is due the day after today right?

D Block Geography 12 - Today you have a unit final on weather and if you came prepared, I am certain that you will have done well...No problems! I am certain that you will do well on this test as you've shown me that you can read and interpret a weather map with greater ability than most news "weather forecasters". The test will take the whole block, so settle in and dazzle me with what you know.

C Block Crime, Media and Society 12 - Today we continue the Casey Anthony trial coverage from 2011 in the USA. Yesterday we watched the 48 Hours Mystery "Only Casey Knows" that showed one perspective of the case (in this instance pre-trial and mostly from the defence's point of view) and today we'll watch the Dateline "the State vs Casey Anthony" (during the trial and decidedly from the prosecution's point of view)

After this we'll talk about the German psychology/sociology term Schadenfreude. This term deals with a big concept - that as humans, we have a private rush of glee when someone else struggles (we take delight in another person's pain and misfortune). Schadenfreude registers in the brain as a pleasurable experience, a satisfaction comparable to that of eating a good meal.Schadenfreude is a common and normal part of life but can become dangerous if we lose empathy, fall into demonizing others, or lapse into “us vs. them” thinking. I'll ask you to answer the following:

  1. What are your immediate reactions to the Dateline video we just watched and why do you think that the Cindy Anthony (grandmother) Casey Anthony (mother), and Caylee Anthony (murdered daughter) debacle generated so much media coverage in the USA?

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