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Monday, October 5. 2015

Today's schedule is A-AG-B-C-D

A Block Social Studies 10 -  Today is your Map, Geography, and Canadian Physiographic Regions unit final. You have as much time in today's class to complete the test as necessary but it should take no more than 45-50 minutes. If you came prepared I am certain that you will do fine. When you're done the test I'll have you start with four definitions: Family Compact, United Empire Loyalist, Clergy Reserves, Assembly, and Governor. Next, I'll have you work on the two questions on the "Get to the Source: The Family Compact" section on page 53 of Horizons

C Block Criminology 12 - Today your journal / blog entry is to answer the following:

Now that you know about trends in crime in relation to age, gender and class...Do you think that school is one of the most dangerous places for young people in society today? When you answer this question consider the following self-report survey...

Within the last 12 months have you:
  1. Stolen anything under ten dollars ($10) in value
  2. Stolen anything between ten ($10) to fifty ($50) dollars in value
  3. Stolen anything over fifty dollars ($50) in value
  4. Trespassed on private property
  5. Purposefully broken or damaged public or private property
  6. Purposefully spray painted “tagged” public or private property
  7. Deliberately set fire to something
  8. Forcibly entered a house or building
  9. Consumed any hallucinogenic drugs (marijuana, peyote, PCP “angel’s dust”, LSD “acid”)
  10. Consumed any stimulant drugs (methamphetamine, cocaine, crack)
  11. Consumed and depressant drugs (heroin, morphine, barbiturates)
  12. Been drunk in a public place while underage
  13. Bought or sold any drugs
  14. Driven a car that wasn’t yours without permission
  15. Violated the terms of your driving conditions (“N” OR “L”)
  16. Driven while under the influence of alcohol
  17. Been involved in a fist fight
  18. Hit someone with a weapon (stick, rock, bat)
  19. Verbally threatened someone with the intent to intimidate
  20. Held or detained someone against their will
  21. Been a victim of an unprovoked assault
  22. Had someone threaten to physically harm you
  23. Been a victim of sexual contact without your consent
  24. Had something stolen from you under ten dollars ($10) in value
  25. Had something stolen from you between ten ($10) to fifty ($50) dollars in value
  26. Had something stolen from you over fifty ($50) dollars in value
  27. Had any of your property damaged or broken
  28. Been a victim of discrimination and harassment on the basis of race, gender, or sexual orientation
  29. Known someone who has been the victim of a crime
Broaden your scope a little and do not necessarily focus on Vanier for this question. Think about other Canadian, British Columbian or Comox Valley high schools and generalize your response a bit. Don't forget that you'll need to find a story to back up your point of view here (either one about how little crime exists in schools or one that demonstrates that schools are somewhat dangerous places).

D Block Geography 12 - Today we're in the library to begin our research on the Orting College case study. Should the town of Orting, Washington, build a new college to attract people to their community or not? What will the impact of increased population be on the tiny town that sits in the shadows of Mt. Rainier? The assignment is in your week 5 package and was adapted from the following website:

Websites of help for this assignment:

The following URL’s will help:
Pierce County Mount Rainier Active Volcano
Pierce County Mount Rainier Hazard Maps
Pierce County Emergency Plans
City of Orting Emergency Management (Lahar Evacuation Routes)
City of Orting Lahar Information
Geology dot com Mount Rainier
USGS Rainier Hazards Landslides
National Geographic News Rainier Eruption Odds
USGS The Eruption History of Mount Rainier
Seattle Times Will we Have Enough Warning?
CS Monitor Can We Predict Volcanic Eruptions?

A note of caution...

What is the greatest danger to Orting? Of all that could potentially happen at Mount Rainier what poses the greatest threat? Now ask yourself what triggers that threat? What causes it to happen? Last think about the statistical likelyhood of that event happening. How likely is the event to occur in the next 5, 10, 100, or 1000 years? Check out the risk analysis section of the COTF website for help here.

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