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Wednesday, September 23. 2015

Today's schedule is B-AG-A-D-C

A Block Social Studies 10 -  Today I'll have you start with work on questions 1-5 on page 28 of the Horizons text. After, we'll try to look at a big picture five themes question: How do people affect the natural regions of Canada? I'll have you work on questions 1 & 4 on page 32 of the Horizons text.

Our focus will be on the Alberta Oil Sands and here are some web pages to help:
Government of Alberta: Alberta's Oil Sands
Canadian Geographic Alberta's Oil Sands
Greenpeace Canada Alberta's Oil Sands
Pembina Institute: Oilsands 101
Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers: What are Oilsands?

I'd also like you to do the following: Explain the positive and negative impacts of oil extraction/production in northern Alberta. Do you think we should increase exploration and extraction of the oil sands? Why or why not?

C Block Geography 12 - Today we'll work in our week 3 package on  igneous rocks and plutonic features. We'll have a diagram to complete and then there will be three questions to work on (12, 13, & 14 from page 366 in your Geosystems textbook). Before we do that let's see what Bill Nye has to tell us about Rocks and Soil...Bill?

C Block Criminology 12 -  Today, we'll start by working through yesterday's questions...
  1. Using pages 37 to 46 in the CRIM textbook outline and explain the crime patterns in relation to ecology, firearms, social class, age, gender and race.
  2. What is a chronic offender and what is the significance of Marvin Wolfgang's discovery (why is identifying the chronic offender important)?
  3. How would you explain the gender differences in the crime rate (why do you think males are more violent than females)? 
So for Canada? CTV News Crime Severity. After we'll try to understand what a victim of crime is. We'll discuss victims of crime and victimology. We'll look at the Holly Jones murder case in Toronto (2003) and the Victoria 'Tori' Stafford murder case in Woodstock (2009) to try to find out what impact that would have on their families, their classmates at school, their neighbourhood, and really the entire greater Toronto metropolitan area.

CBC News InDepth: Holly Jones
Holly Jones Memorial Site
Victoria "Tori" Stafford Murder Timeline
Can Crime Tori Stafford Page

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