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Thursday,May 28. 2015

Today's schedule is D-AG-C-B-A

D Block Crime, Media and Society 12 - Yesterday we looked at the Nancy Grace/HLN coverage of the Casey Anthony trial along with the HBO Newsroom footage I wanted to show you, so today you will need to answer the following:
  1. Who would you want deciding your guilt or innocence? A jury of your peers or CNN and Nancy Grace? Regardless of your opinion of Casey Anthony is it possible for her to escape the negative label of "Tot Mom" and will she ever be able to avoid the horrible mother image presented by CNN and Nancy Grace?
  2. How does the concept of Schadenfreude apply to the Casey Anthony trial? How would low self-esteem make someone more likely to seek out schadenfreude-filled crime media?
Does the trial have a longer lasting impact on the USA or was it just 15 minutes of fame and a distraction from mundane daily life? Because of her actions, Nancy Grace has been spoofed on SNL and MadTV to name just two

To her credit Nancy Grace was a criminal prosecutor in Georgia. Here is a CNN bio on her..

We'll watch the Biography Channel "True Story" called Casey Anthony How did we get here?

CNN did a retrospective piece on the trial here

C Block Geography 12 - Today we are going to take a look at climatology and climate types on the planet. We will make sense of the Koppen climate classification system and today you'll need to explain in your own words the follwing climates: Af, Am, Aw, Cfb, Cfa, Dfb, Dwb, Dfc, Dwc, ET (don't say it!), Bw, and Bs (Many thanks to Michael Ritter for his on line Physical Environment textbook!).
You'll also need to complete questions  1 & 4 from page 325 along with 9, 14, and 19 from page 326 in your Geosystems text.

For help with Koppen - Geiger see:
Blue Planet Biomes - World Climates - Climate classification - Koppen chart 

B Block Social Studies 11 - To start today, I'll have you work on questions 2 a&b from page 176 (Medicare) and 4 a&b from page 187 (regionalism and Trudeau's NEP). After, we will work on the history of Quebec “nationalism” and the roots of the separatist movement (Chapter 8 pages 190-204 in the Counterpoints textbook). We'll go through pages 198 – 204 as a class and then we will watch Canada: A People’s History episode “Years of Hope and Anger” chapter 12 "October 1970". This deals with the Front de Libération de Québec (Quebec Liberation Front) whose actions culminated with the kidnapping of James Cross (who was released) and Pierre Laporte (who died while in FLQ custody) in the province of Quebec. The Canadian Prime Minister (Pierre-Eliott Trudeau) responded by imposing the War Measures Act in Quebec (suspending civil liberties).

Lastly, we'll examine the rise of the Parti-Quebecois who came to power in 1976 and in 1980 held a referendum in the province of Quebec to determine if there was a desire to pull the province out of confederation (really it was a convoluted form of independence where the province would still maintain Canadian currency but be able to make its own laws). To help understand this we'll watch Canada: A People’s History “In an Uncertain World” chapter 3 “The Choice”. In the end the province voted 59% "non" and 40% "oui". I'll get you to work on questions 1, 3, and 4 from page 200 of the Counterpoints textbook today. Since it was somewhat close, the government of Canada reopened constitutional talks and "repatriated" the constitution from Great Britain. In this, however, Quebec once again felt "betrayed" or left out. The government of Canada tried Constitutional Reform in 1988 & 1992 (both of which failed) and in 1995 the Parti-Quebecois held a referendum on separation that was narrowly defeated.

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