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Monday, March 16. 2015

Today's schedule is A-AG-B-C-D

B Block Social Studies 11 - Today with Ms. Tancon we'll start off by reviewing the "bigger picture" of the 4 major Canadian battles in WWI. Following this, we'll talk about 1917: a year that was a HUGE turning point for World War One because of three (3) major events. First, the Russian Revolution, which not only took Russia and the Eastern Front out of the war (and put a lot more pressure on Canada and its allies on the Western Front), but helped define world politics throughout the 20th century. Second, Prime Minister Borden's decision to implement conscription (= forced recruitment of Canadian men into the war: remember, it was voluntary up to this point). Third, we'll touch on the entry of a certain powerful country to Canada's south into the war.

We'll take a deeper look at all of these issues - particularly issues for those of us at home, including Victory Bonds and food rationing - through studying a variety of propaganda. If there is time, we'll begin looking at the crucial role of women both on the Western Front and at home in Canada.

Victory Bonds
Russian Revolution (for those of you who want to learn more)

There's a nice article on National Geographic dealing with a book called Dead Wake: The last crossing of the Lusitania. The book review article starts off with a nice recap:

One hundred years ago, on May 7, 1915, the Cunard luxury liner Lusitania was sunk by a German torpedo off the Irish coast. It was the fastest, most luxurious passenger ship ever to have sailed the seas and, like the Titanic, was believed to be invulnerable. But of the 1,959 passengers on board, 1,195 perished, among them 128 American citizens. Like 9/11, the callous murder of civilians caused outrage on both sides of the Atlantic and led to calls for the United States to enter the war. But to the dismay of the First Lord of the Admiralty, a certain Winston Churchill, it would take another two years and millions more deaths on the Western Front before President Woodrow Wilson ordered American boots on European ground.

C Block Geography 12 - Today we're back in the library to begin our research on the Orting College case study. Should the town of Orting, Washington, build a new college to attract people to their community or not? What will the impact of increased population be on the tiny town that sits in the shadows of Mt. Rainier? The assignment is in your week 5 package and was adapted from the following website:

Websites of help for this assignment:

The following URL’s will help:
Pierce County Mount Rainier Active Volcano
Pierce County Mount Rainier Hazard Maps
Pierce County Emergency Plans
City of Orting Emergency Management (Lahar Evacuation Routes)
City of Orting Lahar Information
Geology dot com Mount Rainier
USGS Rainier Hazards Landslides
National Geographic News Rainier Eruption Odds
USGS The Eruption History of Mount Rainier
Seattle Times Will we Have Enough Warning?
CS Monitor Can We Predict Volcanic Eruptions?

A note of caution...

What is the greatest danger to Orting? Of all that could potentially happen at Mount Rainier what poses the greatest threat? Now ask yourself what triggers that threat? What causes it to happen? Last think about the statistical likelyhood of that event happening. How likely is the event to occur in the next 5, 10, 100, or 1000 years? Check out the risk analysis section of the COTF website for help here.

D Block Criminology 12 - Today we're back in the library for you to continue your blog work. This new entry should be your fifth entry and I'd like you to find out as much information as you can about two notorous Canadian murderers... Clifford Robert Olson Jr. (Serial) and Marc L├ępine (Mass). For this assignment I'd like you to tell me what they did and why they did it....use Levin & Fox's typology of serial and mass murder to explain motives. Do not use Wikipedia as your source for this assignment use the links on the names above. Aside from answering what they did and why they did it, also try to answer what can we learn from their horrific actions and is it ever possible to stop people like this in Canada? Why or Why not?

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