Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Wednesday, December 3. 2014

Today's schedule is B-A-D-C-PLC

B Block Law 12 - Since we didn't get to it yesterday as we were getting caught up with work and falling in love with snapchat and our cell phones, I'll need you to define Bail, Recognizance and Undertaking and then working on questions 2, 4 and 5 from page 178 and then question 7 from page 179: The plea negotiation has become the primary means of dispensing justice in Canada. It is effective, both for accused criminals looking to minimize their punishment and for prosecutors coping with the torrent of cases sloshing through the courts. Is it morally correct to trade the legal rights guaranteed by the Charter for convenience and cost savings?

Look at yesterday's blog entry for more information to help

A & C Blocks Social Studies 10 - Today we'll shift our focus to our own province, British Columbia, looking first at the Oregon Territory and then early settlement at Fort Victoria along with Governors Blanchard and Douglas. I'll need to to finish up your work on Riel and the Metis today.

D Block Law 9/10 - Today we'll spend time discussing the differences between mass and serial murder. We will look at profiling and begin to understand what a psychopath is. Dr. Robert Hare of the University of British Columbia created a checklist called the PCL-R (Psychopathy Checklist Revised). We'll examine the "Unholy Trinity" of serial killer characteristics and today we'll watch a video on how profiling was developed in the F.B.I. Behavioural Science Unit (through the efforts of many highlighted by the work of John Douglas) today. The first part of the video focuses on Wayne Williams and then looks at Robert Hansen. Don't forget that in Canada the R.C.M.P. call the technique criminal investigative analysis.

You have a quiz tomorrow on the first two weeks of work (look through the first four pages of the handout I gave you on Monday).

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