Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Thursday, December 11. 2014

Today's schedule is D-AG-C-B-A

D Block Law 9/10 - Today we will start with our first quiz in the course. Your first order of business is to relax and dazzle me with what you know. After, we'll continue looking at profiling and I'll ask you to brainstorm a list of locations in the Comox Valley that you feel crime will be more prevalent in and you'll have to justify your reasoning. Finally, we'll work on a Geographic Profiling Comox Valley Crime Map from the Comox Valley CrimeStoppers website

For more on Geographic profiling check out:

Mapping Crime by Keith Harris
Center for Geospatial Intelligence and Investigation
RCMP Geographic Profiling

Los Angeles Auto Theft hot spots 2003

C & A Blocks Social Studies 10 - Today you'll have part of the class to continue work on your 'Ole Bill Coot assignment but first...we'll examine the Confederation debate in British Columbia. We'll look at those supporting Confederation - joining Canada (like Anthony Musgrave, John Robson and Amor deCosmos), those supporting Annexation - joining the U.S.A. (like John Sebastien Helmcken) and those supporting Imperialism - staying a colony of Great Britain. I'd like you to explain the positions of each and identify the impacts on BC for each. So...

Confederation - benefits of this idea and impacts on BC
Annexation - benefits of this idea and impacts on BC
Imperialism - benefits of this idea and impacts on BC

After this you may continue working on 'Ole Bill Coot which is due this Monday...yep a deadline that is four days away. No worries right? 

B Block Law 12 - Today is our last look at Criminal Law. I'll need you to finish your work on empanneling juries and trial procedures along with sentencing and punishment. I'll give you a super quick review for tomorrow's quiz/test.

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