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Thursday, October 30. 2014

Today's schedule is D-AG-C-B-A

Tonight is Meet the Teacher/Vanier Open House night. The evening starts at 5:30 in the gym and then I'll be available in room 611 from 5:45 until 6:30.

D Block Criminology 12 - Today we'll wrap up the recreation of the 1961 Stanley Milgram experiment on Obedience to Authority "Basic Instinct: The Science of Evil". After, we'll continue our focus on violent crime looking at rape and sexual assault in Canada. We'll examine what a sexual assault is along with the three levels of sexual assault in Canadian Law. After I'd like you to focus on two questions: one on Groth's typology of rapist and the other on the causes for sexual assault.

1. Explain the three types of rapist according to Groth (anger, power, and sadistic)
2. Identify and explain the causes for sexual assault

You'll need to look at evolutionary and biological factors (remember Sigmund Freud's Thantos and Eros or instinctual drives that allowed species to be successful)? Look at modern male socialization (boys are taught to be aggressive, forceful, tough, and dominating...think about how boys play when they're young) and then at hypermasculinity (where some men have callous sexual attitudes and believe that violence is "manly"). Lastly consider both violent experiences (remember that those boys who were exposed to violence in the household are more likely to commit violent acts when they grow older) and sexual motivation (social, cultural, and psychological forces...think about the messages hidden in Axe body spray commercials).
For more info check out the following sites:
Teen Handbook on Sexual Assault (Sarnia Sexual Assault Survivor's Centre)
The Devastation of Sexual Assault (Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime)
Prevent Sexual Violence: Love Shouldn't Hurt Youth Zone
Alberta Association of Sexual Assault Centres
Consider the message that this commercial sends to people...

Now consider what the commercial indicates about sex in modern society. Who is the commercial targeted at and what are the sexual roles in the commercial.

C & A Blocks Social Studies 10 - Yesterday we looked at William Lyon Mackenzie, Joseph Howe and Louis Joseph Papineau. Today we'll start with reviewing the rebellion of Lower Canada in 1837-1838. We'll talk about the 92 Resolutions proposed by Louis Joseph Papineau and the British response. We are going to finish looking at the rebellion in Lower Canada talking about Ste. Denis, Ste. Charles, and Ste. Eustache. We will learn the story of Dr. Olivier Chernier and see how the British treatment of him resonated for over 140 years in Quebec (all the way up to the FLQ in 1970). Today we'll spend some time watching the Canada: A People's History episodes: "A Seething Anger"; "On the Eve of Rebellion"; "The Die is Cast"; "The Explosion"; and "The Last Stand" which deals with Ste. Eustache and the harsh treatment of the Patriotes by the British forces in Quebec (led by John Colborne, Baron Seaton, Commander-in-Chief of the British forces in North America, and acting Governor General of British North America).

B Block Law 12 - Today we'll move into assault, sexual assault, other sexual offences, robbery, and abduction (taking down a few notes on these crimes). In Canada, there are three levels of assault, based on the level of severity and corresponding penalties:

Level One: assault (max penalty 5 years)
Level Two: assault causing bodily harm (max penalty 10 years)
Level Three: aggravated assault (max penalty 14 years)

These levels are identified in section 265 of the Criminal Code. All assaults have two common elements:
1. The accused must have intent to carry out the attack and cause harm.
2. There must be no consent by the victim (for example, as in a boxing match).

Now parents have rights to use corrective measures in order to discipline children. This issue was raised in the Canadian Foundation for Children, Youth and the Law v. Canada (Attorney General) 2004 case. In its decision, the Supreme Court of Canada upheld Section 43 of the Criminal Code which "provides that a parent, teacher, or person acting in the place of a parent is justified in using force to correct a child’s behaviour that is under his or her care provided that the force used is reasonable in all of the circumstances". So what is "force"? The force must be used for educative or corrective purposes (not as a form of punishment) relating to restraining, controlling, or expressing disapproval of the actual behaviour of a child capable of benefiting from that correction; the force cannot result in harm or the prospect of harm.

After our discussion I'll have you work on questions 2, 3 and 4 on page 231 of the text. To help...

Implying death ( bodily harm or burning property (burn/destroy) *Must be believable and Must be imminent
CC 265 Assault
Any unwanted application of force against another person
Level 1 simple assault
Level 2 assault causing bodily harm
Level 3 aggravated assault
CC 273 Sexual AssaultAny unwanted sexual contact
Level 1 any touching (molestation).
Level 2 with a weapon
Level 3 aggravated (endanger life or wound/maim/disfigure)

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