Thursday, October 9, 2014

Friday, October 10. 2014

Today's schedule is C-AG-D-A-B

C & A Blocks Social Studies 10 - Today we'll finish our look at the cultural landscape of Canada along with the First Nations peoples that existed on the land before the European settlers arrived in Canada. We'll focus on how the land shaped Aboriginal society in Canada and see the influences of the land on the way people lived. After, I'd like you to use all of the geographic work we've looked at, as well as the text, and try to answer the following:

"How has Geography shaped the culture of Canada?"
This is a big question and I really want you to try hard to think like a geographer here. Thinking like a geographer is thinking spatially in a systems manner. This involves looking for patterns, relationships and connections in order to comprehend large, complex self regulating systems. So what patterns, relationships and connections exist between people and places that help to shape Canada today?

D Block Criminology 12 - Today, we'll finish our review for next Wednesday's quiz (theories and history of criminology, trends in crime and where we get our information about trends in crime: UCR, PRVS, Self-Reports).  After I'll have you watch a 20/20 episode called "Out of the Woods"

In the story, a birthday sleepover ends with a 12-year-old close to death. Girls tell Police they plotted to kill friend for 'slender Man' and meet the 12-year-old 'slender Man' attack survivor.

B Block Law 12 - Today we'll be back in the library to continue research for our Human Rights poster (which is due next Friday - October 17th, 2014). I have poster paper for you and I'll give you the paper once I've seen your ideas (a rough sketch). Remember you need to create a visually appealing Human Rights Campaign Poster that addresses the human rights violation by incorporating key information (What is happening? Where is it taking place? What rights are being violated? Who is having their rights violated? Why are their rights being violated?) as well as pictures, symbols, and colours. Your poster should seek to draw the attention of the public through the balanced combination of text and visuals in a creative, yet educational manner!

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