Monday, September 22, 2014

Tuesday, September 23. 2014

Today's schedule is AG-C-D-A-B

Advisory Class - Did you remember your student fees? Student fees are $25 and the cost for a lock is $8; so $33 in total if you don't have a lock for your locker. Three full lockers are gone grade 11-12's and it's first in so don't forget.

C and A Blocks Social Studies 10 - Today I'll have you draw mental maps of Canada (not from the maps on the wall!) and get you to work in partners on a large scale map. You need to include as much detail about the political geography (provinces/territories/borders/capitals), physical geography (lakes/oceans/mountains/rivers/islands), and cultural geography (language/art/music/sport/economy) as you can. When we finish, we'll share our maps and discuss why it is difficult to conceptualize and graphically represent our country. We'll finish these tomorrow and then we'll turn our focus to map reading skills.

D Block Criminology 12 - Today, I have two questions that I'd like you to brainstorm:

  1. What is the purpose of laws and what is a crime?
  2. Why do people commit crime?
After a few minutes I'd like you to partner up and get your ideas on a large sheet of paper. After you collect all of your ideas on large sheets of paper with smelly felts, try to categorize them into crime theory clusters (similar categories). After, you'll present your ideas and then we'll begin our look at the nature vs. nurture debate by focusing on the history of psychological and sociological criminology.

B Block Law 12 - Today, we'll get together in groups and discuss what crime is, why we have laws, and figure out the difference between what is legal what is moral and what is ethical. We'll partner up and get our ideas on big sheets of paper with some smelly felts so that we can have a discussion on the topic. Next we'll come up with a list of laws that we know about (again with the pesky brainstorming - data dump) and then we'll take down a few notes on the five functions of law.

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