Monday, May 26, 2014

Tuesday, May 27. 2014

Today's schedule is C-AG-D-A-B

C Block Law 9/10 - Today we are back in the library for the second to last day this week so that you may continue your work on the Clue Us In crime scene investigation project. Please remember that the library has books on forensic investigation and I have books on crime scene investigation as well. Use these resources to aid you in the development of your project. Remember you need to create a crime...replicate the crime scene...investigate the crime as if you were an R.C.M.P. officer...and prepare a dossier file to hand over to Crown Counsel so that they may prosecute the case. Good Luck.

A Block Social Studies 11 - Today we'll examine the Cold War in detail. We'll learn about the economic and political ramifications on Canada of an ideological conflict between the two superpowers. I hope you got a sense of the fear associated with nuclear war and communists (Senator Joseph McCarthy's communist witch hunt - the House Un-American Activities Committee which became known as the ideology of "McCarthyism"). We also took a look at the Truman Doctrine (President Truman pledged assistance to "free peoples who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressures") which helps you understand your "Cold War Flashpoints" activity that you'll get tomorrow. FYI you'll have a 20's, 30's and 40's test on Friday this week.

B Block Geography 12 - Today, we are in the library for day two of research for our severe weather poster project. Remember that there are these things in the library called "books"; you may remember what they look like...there are paper pages with pictures and information on them bound together. Sarcasm aside please remember that you will need to have at least one print (book or magazine) source for your presentation. I have books in my room on severe weather that you might want to look at. The purpose of this project is to learn about severe weather and your topic in depth. Please do not plagiarize work and present it as if it were your own. Show me what you have learned. Tomorrow is our last day this week to work on this during class time so don't get lost on youtube watching videos of people getting struck by lightning or hit by hail (no matter how cool that is!) Having said that the Discovery Channel has a great series called Raging Planet (we've watched it in class) with some cool video footage that you could embed in your power point presentation here: Discovery Channel Raging Planet Yesterday's blog entry has all of the particular details on the project along with links for you to use. Use your time wisely and good luck.

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