Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Thursday, May 1. 2014

Today's schedule is D-AG-C-B-A

C Block Law 9/10 - Today we'll spend time discussing the differences between mass and serial murder. We will look at profiling and begin to understand what a psychopath is. Dr. Robert Hare of the University of British Columbia created a checklist called the PCL-R (Psychopathy Checklist Revised). We'll examine the "Unholy Trinity" of serial killer characteristics and today we'll watch a video on how profiling was developed in the F.B.I. Behavioural Science Unit (through the efforts of many highlighted by the work of John Douglas) today. The first part of the video focuses on Wayne Williams and then looks at Robert Hansen. Don't forget that in Canada the R.C.M.P. call the technique criminal investigative analysis.

B Block Geography 12 - Today we'll be talking about air pollution, specifically the anthropogenic additions to our atmosphere. We will look at the effects of nitrogen oxides and sulphur dioxides on human health and terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. We'll see what Tim and Moby have to say about air pollution and we'll also look at the Environment Canada Air Quality Index

Environment Canada Air Pollution site
David Suzuki Foundation Air Pollution Site
National Public Radio site on the London "Killer Fog" of 1952
EPA website on acid rain

A Block Social Studies 11 - Today we'll finish watching episode 1 of "The Dark Years" the National Film Board cartoon about the Great Depression in Canada. Don't forget to finish up yesterday's questions about the cartoon. After, we'll focus on the political parties that emerged in reaction to the harsh economic and political climate of the time. We will look at the Union Nationale (Maurice Duplessis), the Social Credit Party (William "Bible Bill" Aberhart) and the Co-Operative Commonwealth Federation (J.S. Woodsworth). We'll even talk about the Canadian Nationalist Party (Joseph Farr) and the National Social Christian Party (Adrien Arcand) which were both unabashedly fascist (Arcand eventually became the leader of the National Unity Party). Lastly you'll need to work on questions 1 & 2 on page 89. Tomorrow we'll begin our look at the rise of dictators in the 20's & 30's.

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