Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Wednesday, November 27. 2013

Today's schedule is B-A-D-C

B Block Social Studies 10 - Today we'll finish all of our work from yesterday's class. Do not forget that we have a Confederation/Manitoba test on Friday. Tomorrow we have a guest speaker...more on that tomorrow.

A Block Criminology 12 - Today we'll start with a look at the BC Crime trends from 1998 - 2007 and then we'll talk about the disparity (difference) between the public perception of violent crime and the actual rates of violent crime in Canada. After, we'll take a look through a quick Power Point on crime trends in Canada which will help you with your blog entry from Monday and your three questions from class yesterday about crime trends:
  1. Using pages 37 to 46 in the CRIM textbook outline and explain the crime patterns in relation to ecology, firearms, social class, age, gender and race.
  2. What is a chronic offender and what is the significance of Marvin Wolfgang's discovery (why is identifying the chronic offender important)?
  3. How would you explain the gender differences in the crime rate (why do you think males are more violent than females)?

D Block Law 12 - Today we'll end our look at Criminal Law. I'll need you to finish Friday's work on empanneling juries and trial proceedures and Monday's work on sentencing and punishment. I'll give you a super quick review for Thursday's quiz/test.

C Block Crime, Media and Society 12 - Today we'll look at some theories about media. We'll examine Agenda Setting, Framing, the Hypodermic Needle or Magic Bullet, Cultivation, the Knowledge Gap, Uses and Gratification as well as Dependency theory. After we'll try to connect these theories to the 48 Hours Mystery documentary we watched yesterday on the Highway of Tears. We'll try to understand how media reports crime and try to take a theoretical perspective on the show and why it was made the way that it was presented to the audience. Don't forget I gave you three questions to work on yesterday (and I'll give you time to work on them today):
  1. What main story do you think Investigative Reporters Bob Friel and Peter Van Zant wanted to tell?
  2. Why did the show focus on Madison Scott first, Loren Leslie next and then the victims along the Highway of Tears afterwards?
  3. Why do you think the producers and editors framed the story the way that they did?

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