Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thursday, December 20. 2012

Today's schedule is D-C-B-A

D Block Social Studies 11 - Today you have an opportunity to finish your work on Questions 5 and 7a from page 200 in Counterpoints and Questions 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 from page 204 in Counterpoints along with your flow chart on Quebec and Canada from 1980 - 1995. Remember, the Parti-Quebecois came to power in 1976 and in 1980 held a referendum in the province of Quebec to determine if there was a desire to pull the province out of confederation (really it was a convoluted form of independence where the province would still maintain Canadian currency but be able to make its own laws). In the end the province voted 59% "non" and 40% "oui". Since it was somewhat close the government of Canada reopened constitutional talks and "repatriated" the constitution from Great Britain. In this, however, Quebec once again felt "betrayed" or left out. To end the class we'll examine multiculturalism along with Aboriginal Peoples, Oka, the Nisga’a treaty and Nunavut

C Block Crime, Media & Society 12 - Today we'll watch the fictionalized version of the Russell Williams case from Law & Order: Los Angeles "Silver Lake". This episode aired on April 16, 2011...that's 6 months after Russell Williams plead guilty. To film a television show (like a 1 hour drama police procedural) takes anywhere between six to eight days. A day normally begins at 6am and runs 11 to 13 hour long. It takes between 60 and 96 hours to produce 44 minutes of program content (for a 60 minute television show). That's just filming - don't forget scriptwriting, set construction and post production work too so NBC "ripped from the headlines" the Russell Williams story literally as it was happening. If you think that's fast consider that NBC's Dateline aired "Conduct Unbecoming" on Friday, February 18, 2011 (4 months after his guilty plea) and CBS aired the 48 Hours episode "Name, Rank, Serial Killer?", the one that we watched yesterday, on April 9th, 2011.

So we'll watch the episode and then I have two questions for you to answer:
  1. Do you think the news coverage of Col. Russell Williams' sentencing was too sensational? Do you think the court was right to release so much information and that the Canadian press were right to publish it all, or do you think that there is such a thing as too much information, and that there are some details we really don’t need to know? (Read the CBC article here or the CBC Radio program Cross Country Checkup here to help).
  2. How did the Canadian and American coverage of the Russell Williams case differ? Use the 48 Hours episode "Name, Rank & Serial Killer?" as well as the Fifth Estate episode "Above Suspicion" as your sources of information.

B Block Geography 12 - Today, for the first half of class, we'll go back to the library for one more round of the Stop Disasters game. The scenario I would like you to work on is the Southeast Asian coastal village Tsunami simulation.When that's done (half an hour or so) we'll head back to the class to begin watching Twister; one of the greatest yet dumbest disaster movies of the 1990's. Your job is to identify as many errors in meteorology as possible AND you'll need to figure out which character is MOST like Mr. Young.

Some errors are easy - NO! It is not possible to survive an EF5 tornado strike above ground tethered to drainage pipes. Some are more subtle - the Fujita scale was introduced in 1971 and in the 1969 flashback scene (at the beginning of the film) the weather reporter on the television (portrayed by Oklahoma City KWTV 9 meteorologist Gary England) said an F5 tornado was about to strike...two years before the scale was introduced by Dr. Ted Fujita!

Now as to I said above there are bits of Mr. Young in most of the characters in the movie your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to figure out who Mr. Young is most like. The mission is not impossible so is it Dr. Jo Harding? Bill Harding? Dustin 'Dusty' Davis? Robert 'Rabbit' Nurick? Jason 'Preacher' Rowe? No, Mr. Young is not like Dr. Melissa Reeves or Dr. Jonas Miller so let's get that over with now :) Let's have some fun with the movie

Alan Ruck is Robert Nurick "Rabbit" (and Ferris Bueller's friend Cameron too!)
Bill Paxton is Bill Harding "the Extreme"
Helen Hunt is Dr. Jo Harding
Philip Seymour Hoffman is Dustin Davis "Dusty"

A Block Law 12 - Today we'll continue the Hot Coffee documentary and then we'll look at intentional torts focusing on trespass to property and trespass to person (assault and battery & false imprisonment) along with defences to these intentional torts (consent, self-defence, defence of a third party, defence of property, legal authority, and necessity). Tomorrow we'll look at defamation of character and strict liability in civil law. This gets us to the end of the torts unit in Law 12 and then we'll begin our look at family law. For the time left in class you have another opportunity to work on your major project.
Duhaime Tort and Personal Law Dictionary
Saskatchewan Schools Law 30 Intentional Tort on line unit
Spark Notes on Intentional Torts
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